Monday, May 23, 2011

Two year old Tyrant!

Evie slept late this morning! Carl and I tried to sneak in last night to check on her and she woke right up. She went back to sleep easily but that little 10 minute wake up helped her to sleep late this morning. I told Carl maybe we should wake her for 10 minutes every night before we go to bed. Evie discovered her shadow this morning and kept telling me she was going to catch it.

Evie wanted to go visit her Daddy at work today so we headed over this morning. She was so excited to be there and did not let go of him the entire time that we were there visiting. I think she would have stayed all day with him.

We went to visit the Onello's and Evie quickly became preoccupied with seeing Abby. I told her that we were going there and she talked about it for the next 45 minutes. Maura kept it under wraps until 5 minutes before we got there. I will try that approach next time. Evie and Abby  had a blast playing together. We enjoyed our visit especially the ice cream. Evie has been telling us all afternoon that Maura gave her ice cream. I did not take a single picture! Evie was tired and ready for her nap so we came home. She was requesting night-night and nap at Abby's house. I am so surprised that she did not fall asleep in the van. Evie crashed in her crib within moments of walking through the door. She slept until 4:30 and then did not get out of her crib until 5:15. I got so much done with her contained and happy!

She finally decided it'd be nice to get out of her crib so we did a few things around the house while we waited for Carl to get home. We all played outside with our musical cicadas. They are so loud that even Evie notices that something is going on. Carl video-taped it since it's the strangest thing. Evie went to sleep and then we had a late dinner. Our sweet girl is wearing us out with her two year old tyrant ways. Goodness, she loves to tell us just what to do and how to do it. We have lots of conversations about who is in charge and it's not Evie!

It's time for bed! I had my first night of baby anxiety last night and did not sleep at all. Let's hope tonight goes better!

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