Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a fun weekend at home. Friday, Evie and I went to Let it Shine and had a blast. She swung from the rope like Tarzan into a pit of foam blocks. We have been there a few times now and she gets more excited every time. We ran a few errands afterwards including a quick trip to get a few birthday presents. Evie remembered right away that Elmo lives at this particular toy store and was a little concerned about seeing him. She loves Elmo but not life-sized versions of Elmo. We had fun playing with all the toys. Evie and I had a little picnic lunch outside until a huge cicada jumped right out at us. Neither of us liked that too much. Carl got home pretty late. He has been super busy at work lately. He mowed the grass and I put Evie to bed. Evie likes to tell Carl not to mow the grass.

Saturday was nice. Carl stayed with Evie and I had a nice long break. They went to Home Depot and planted beautiful flowers in the yard. I went for a pedicure and to run a few errands. It was so wonderful to have a break from my little bundle of joy. I sure needed it! Evie was not into napping but rested a bit. She was too busy talking about Courtney and Campbell. Evie kept saying, "Courtney nap, Campbell nap, Evie don't nap."

Carl went to pick up Baby Boy's chair and I love it. Evie is really getting excited about her brother and loves to talk about him. She will share her Raffi but he needs his own changing table. He also needs his own sassy and she thinks he needs to stay in the tan room not the pink room. She outgrew a pair of pink shoes and she told me that brother could have them.

We went out for ice cream and Evie got her own bowl for the first time. She knew exactly how to pull the lever to get the frozen stuff out and picked out her own toppings. She loves cherries! Evie's boys are back from the beach so we had fun playing with them in the driveway. Evie told us that it is her turn to go back to the beach. We'd love to go back in the fall for a long weekend but the drive is so long with a new baby. The pool will have to do unless we start feeling really adventurous.

Evie slept really late this morning and was still overly tired from her day of fun yesterday. She is just like me and needs lots of sleep and food to stay in good humor. Carl and Evie made waffles for breakfast. They were delicious! We played around the house. Evie had a major fit for some unknown reason. I just let her have her fit and then told her it was time for lunch. She said, "Okay, Mommy, let's go" as if nothing had happened.

After lunch, Evie went down for an early nap. I am telling you - sleep is extremely important to her. We went to a picnic this afternoon at Evie's favorite park - Owl Park. It was so fun
and the weather was perfect. Carl enjoyed seeing all the second children and how content they all are just to sit and play alone. Evie's friend Paige was there so we did not have to worry about Evie at all. Between Paige and her boys, Evie was thrilled to be outside having fun. We came home a little early so Evie could be in bed by 7 and she announced "Evie's hood" as we pulled into our neighborhood.

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  1. I have had to use your "fragile" description for Avery these last few days. I'm glad Evie had a happy weekend.


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