Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hanging out at Home!

Evie and I stayed home all day. We had a fun day together. She keeps me on my toes. We did a little ironing this morning and it looks like she is going to be a lot better at ironing than me. Carl will tell you that ironing is not my strong suit.

Evie requested painting as our next activity so we got busy painting. I am pretty sure that I spent more time cleaning up than she did painting. It was so fun for her though!

Evie is in a stage where she says the same thing over and over. Sometimes it is cute and sometimes it drives me crazy. She says, "it fell" all day and I pretty much tune that one out. It sounded pretty serious so I went to check and her diaper had fallen off her little tush. Anything out of the ordinary gets an "it fell", such as the channel on the TV changing, her iPad game disappearing or even the crumbs from her food. She also says "see else" multiple times per day when she wants something new. We were driving home yesterday and she kept asking me to "see else" in her Southern accent. I told her she was in luck that something new was around every corner. That's not exactly what she had in mind! She tells us what time it is and keeps us abreast of her agenda. It's lunch time, it's puzzle time, it's snacktime etc. She also tells us what it is not time for such "Not mowing time, Not night night time, Not bath time."

Evie loves her baby and takes such good care of her. I cannot wait to see her with Baby Boy. It will be entertaining for sure.  Evie took a nice long nap after her morning of fun. It was long enough that I napped and cleaned three bathrooms. My house is slowly falling apart since my chores are not getting done quite so well these days. I mopped the kitchen for the first time in a LONG time today. Normally, I mop 2 or 3 times per week.

Evie watched Oprah with me this afternoon. She got a little bored and had to go read some books. We played outside and two really cute boys came by to pick her up on their gator for a cruise around the yard. Evie was so thrilled and hangs on tight with a big grin on her face. She rode her "cycle" and has learned how to keep it in a straight line although she still needs to master stopping her vehicle.

Evie was so excited when Carl got home. She did not see him this morning since she slept late again! They played with Evie's new ball and she was really impressed that Carl could use his head to play soccer. Of course, she had to try too. I made chicken tacos for dinner and enjoyed dinner together. Evie needed a bath after painting and playing outside. It looks like baths everyday for the summer months.

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  1. what are we going to do with these girls and their opinions?! :)
    isn't it funny the things that they get stuck on? libbi's current repeated phrases are "in a minute" and "right back" :)
    i am hoping (praying, begging!) that laney is a little less opinionated than libbi - i don't know if i can handle two strong-willed children....two girls, no less!


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