Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up - Graduation Edition

We had a fun weekend in North Carolina! On Friday, my Dad and I took Evie strawberry picking. She loved it and was so gentle to take each berry off the vine. They had a playground too so that was a BIG hit. Now, I just need something to do with all these strawberries! Carl got to Gastonia on Friday evening and I was so happy to see him. We stayed up late because we had several people over.

Saturday was my brother's big day. Ben graduated from law school. We are so proud of him! He is a hard-worker and won the community service award from his school. Carl was sweet to stay home with Evie while I went with my family to the graduation. We decided it'd be way too much to try to take Evie to a graduation. It would not have been fun for anyone especially Evie's parents. Best decision ever! Graduation was very nice and we had fabulous seats! They had a reception afterwards with some delicious cake.  We all headed back to my parents house for some barbecue. Evie had napped while we were gone and was in a great mood. She liked playing with Ben's purple tassel. It was a fun day! Our family friends Terry and David spent the day with us and did a thoughtful toast for Ben. Evie enjoyed the toast too and loves to do "cheers" with her juice. Can't believe that my brother is a lawyer.

Evie woke up bright and early at 7:00. She was the first one awake in the house after such a busy day yesterday. We played and ate breakfast before packing up for our long trip back to Nashville. Evie did fantastic until Knoxville and then was fine after some snacks. She wanted her covers which were packed. I gave her a little blankie which helped but she really wanted her big covers which used to be mine. My mom made Evie's little brother is very own blankets which need to be put away before Evie claims them as her own.

Carl ran around with her at the rest stop and then I gave her a few M&M's. Believe it or not she fell asleep, we were shocked since she has not been sleeping in the car lately. She slept for about an hour and then we were home. Evie cried for her Ipop when we pulled in the driveway and wanted to go back to his house. It took both of us to keep her entertained then she settled right into playing with her kitchen and writing notes. She loves to write notes! Her flair for the dramatic has increased after a visit with the grandparents - at dinner she told us that the dinosaurs were coming to get her. Carl helped her find the dinosaurs which were in her washing machine. Oh dear, I can only imagine what the future is going to be like with Evie. I wish that I had more pictures and will try to get some from the more responsible parties that took their camera. My camera did not make it to graduation since Evie stayed home which meant no diaper bag! I did add a few pictures to my posts from last week. Hope you had a great weekend too.

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  1. Congratulations, Ben! He is no doubt a hard worker and well-deserving of the community service award. So proud of him as I know all of you are! Glad you enjoyed your visit home!


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