Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"I like that Evie's Mommy"

Evie and I had a bit of a rough morning but it got better. It's not her - it's me and my pregnancy hormones! Evie had a babysitter this morning and had a blast until a cicada landed on her. Poor thing, I just had the same experience myself and I screamed too! Paige, the babysitter, told Courtney that one cicada landing in a bucket of water balloons caused every balloon to burst. Those things have some suction!

Evie was impressed that "Big Paige" came this morning and has been talking about her ever since with a some references to "Little Paige" too. "Little Paige" is 5 and is the one that Evie adores!

I got a bunch done during nap time. Evie and I worked in Baby Boy's room this afternoon. It's so sweet to hear her talk about her brother. She told me loves him and talks about matching his clothes. She picks out outfits and tells me how cute they are as she holds them up to herself. It's hard to believe that she was ever that small! Baby Boy does have a first name but we cannot figure out a middle name. Time is running short so maybe we can come to an agreement soon.

Evie and I watched Oprah. I cried and she climbed right on my lap and told me not to cry. We are working with Evie on not crying over every single that happens to her so it was not the best example. Evie said, "Bye Oprah" and I just loved that I was able to watch a few episodes with my sweet girl. There are lots of episodes that will be wonderful teaching tools for Evie one day so hope they show up on YouTube.

Carl got home early and played with Evie because I had a horrible headache. It came on very suddenly while we were outside playing and I left them to go inside. I took some medicine, used an ice pack and drank a coke. That helped a lot and then I had Mom's Night Out! It was so good to get out for a bit since my MNO's are coming to a close.

Carl was on the phone the entire time that I was gone with work issues but Evie slept through it. We are planning to go to the farm in the morning but we under a tornado watch with two warnings in our area. It's beautiful outside right now. Carl and I just sat out on our back patio enjoying the calm before the storm.

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  1. so sorry you had a rough morning....those pregnancy hormones can be brutal! maybe it will make you feel better to know that i have felt SO much better since having the baby. i was really, really, REALLY worried that my emotional state would get worse with all the postpartum hormones, but it has only gotten better! that's not to say i don't have breakdowns every now and then, but for the most part it is 100% better than when i was pregnant. (which also happens to be the complete opposite of how i felt after having libbi....) it WILL get better!! hang in there!!
    and we didn't have a name for baby girl until after she was born - don't worry, i think you'll know what name "fits" him once you see him :)


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