Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teething Toddler!

We have had a long tiring day at our house. Evie has been waking up bright and early all week and it finally caught up to her today. Of course, on a day when we were out and about with friends. We met Kristin and her kiddos at Shipwrecked for a morning of fun. Evie was not too happy to be there and it was not too fun for any of us so we left. Lots of crying and fussiness although it was the perfect playday with just a few kids there.. I thought she was just tired so I put her down for a nap about 11:30.

She slept until 2 and woke up in a great mood. We decided to venture back out to Shipwrecked since the admission covers the entire day. Evie was much happier but still very fragile. There was just one other child there and his name was James. Evie said, "That not James" because she was thinking of her sweet friend James. We had fun reading books, playing dress-up and playing in the ball pit.  I took her for ice cream after playtime since I was really wanting some ice cream. Evie is always up for a sweet treat!

   She devoured her frozen green peas at dinner and her fruit but kept spitting out her tortelleni. Maybe that was too chewy for her tender mouth. Carl noticed that she seemed a little warm. She has had some yucky diapers and now she is telling us that her mouth hurts. YIKES! We have been lucky with teething so far but it seems like these must be really hurting her. Let's hope the medicine kicks in and she can get some sleep. Mommy does not want another day like today for a long time. Carl suggested that we may need to begin looking for an au pair! Only kidding, but days like this make us wonder how in the world we will do this with two children.


  1. Hey! I ran into your brother today in real estate fun to see him...but he had no clue who I was at first. hope you guys are well.

  2. Sorry you had a rough day :( I know it's so hard when your child isn't happy... no one is happy! Hope Evie feels better tomorrow!

  3. you can do it!! if i can, you can!!!
    libbi is very "Fragile" right now am i....which i guess is not a very good combo! :)
    she has cut three out of the four of her two year molars, so i'm hoping as soon as this 4th one comes through she'll start acting a little more like herself. i hope evie starts feeling better soon!!


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