Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday and Friday

It was a little chilly Thursday morning about 65 so we decided to take a quick trip to Pensacola. It was a beautiful, scenic drive along the coast. Evie loved looking at the beach all the way there. We took Evie to Fort Pickens and she loved being at the castle. She kept saying, "Princess Evie's Castle." It was a fun morning exploring the fort and Evie thought the large American flag was pretty cool.

It was time for lunch so we headed to Peg Leg Pete's for a quick bite to eat. We ordered nachos for Cinco de Mayo and Evie finally had some veggies. Her lunch came in a sandbucket again so we have plenty of buckets. The restaurant had a playground and was on the water so it was nice to see the boats. Evie enjoyed the playground so much. We have visited four playgrounds on this vacation something we did not even notice before we had Evie.

We told Evie that if she napped in the car we could go right to the beach. She did not nap in the car but went right to sleep once we got back to the condo. Carl made a quick dash to the grocery store and I read my book. We took turns on the beach until Evie woke up. She had a blast with her new friends from LaFayette. They had 4 kids plus their cousin with them so Evie was in heaven. She wanted to do everything they did and followed them around like a little puppy dog. It was so cute and a nice break for us too. Evie had a quick dinner before bed and Carl got take out for us. It was so delicious. I had a grouper sandwich and Carl had fried shrimp.

Evie slept late this morning but woke up talking about the kids especially the girls. They joined us on the beach this morning. Evie shared her toys, ran up and down the beach and had a grand time. Carl helped her fly a kite and we had some funny conversations. I love all this talking. She keeps me so entertained talking about "Ben Ipock" that's my brother and we have no idea where she got that. We are going to visit them next week but have no clue how she knows his last name.

We came in for lunch and noticed they were having a fire drill. A very loud drill! Evie kept saying "it's okay Mommy" which makes me so happy that she tries to comfort us. Evie rocked on my lap for a bit and then Carl put her down for a nap. It's his turn on the beach right now and I cannot believe that she is sleeping through all of this racket. It is really loud but she is really tired so sleep is winning. We hope to get out for dinner tonight although it will be hard to leave the beach. It's so much fun hanging out on the beach with Evie flying kites, building sandcastles and watching her have such a great time. I will do a re-cap post with lots of pictures when we get back to TN. It's my turn in the sand so as Evie would say until next time.

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  1. I'm glad yall are having so much fun! I'm sure Aubrey and Evie would have loved playing on the beach together! :)


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