Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up - Navarre Edition

We had a fabulous trip to the beach. Evie was so happy and content watching shows and snacking on her favorite munchies for 456 miles. She is such a fantastic traveler! Evie would say "beach" every time we'd change roads because she was so excited. Carl found some boiled peanuts along the way which renewed his dream of selling boiled peanuts along the side of the road one day. He thinks that'd be the perfect low-stress job. I agree it would be nice chatting with tourists and sitting outside watching the world go by.

Evie did not nap one minute in the car but had lots of rest time so she was ready to hit the beach. Mommy was ready to hit the bathroom because we only had two pit stops.

Evie was so happy to see the beach but does not like the water nearly as much this year. She says it is cold and tells it not to come. Her words were, " cold water don't come." Evie was so tired after the beach so dinner was on the balcony. Evie loves eating outside and kept saying, "Evie like this."

She went right to sleep and slept until past 8. We miss our video monitor at times like these because I was worried about her. Of course, she was fine. We were all ready to hit the beach but it is a major production to get everyone lathered in sunscreen, drinks and snacks packed along with all the gear you need for a morning at the beach. Evie just loves the beach and it is so fun to see her enjoying herself. It is a lot easier this year because she actually stays in one spot most of the time. She digs, fills her bucket with sand and looks at everyone else. We need to get her a kite because she is fascinated by all the kites. She also loves the birds. It was so cute listening to her talk to the birds. She wanted to hold one so badly.

It was time to come in for lunch. Evie said, "Bye, beach. Evie is going to eat lunch." Naptime did not go so well because she was too interested in the plant in her room and managed to pull the phone into her crib. Thank goodness, it was not plugged in so she did not make any phone calls. Carl made a trip to the grocery store and then we decided to head back to the beach. Evie made it about 30 minutes before requesting a nap. She is so tired and almost fell asleep in my arms. Carl removed the plant from her room so maybe that was really the problem. I am glad she is sleeping so maybe we can go grab a quick bite to eat for dinner. Someone told us last year not to think of this as a vacation but instead think of it as taking Evie to the beach. Very true but we are having a blast too.


  1. Enjoy your toes in the sand! Can you imagine getting ready for the beach next year with two? One was certainly challenging enough for us last summer. We definately call it a trip these days and not a vacation, but it's so fun. Get some mommy time during naptime.

  2. We have family who live in Navarre and we've been there several times. It's so fun! Glad yall are having a good trip! Do yall just stay in Navarre or do you go into Destin? Maybe we'll run into you!


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