Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday

Evie and I made a quick trip down to Gaffney to see our sweet friends. We met Lindsay and Susan their little boys. Evie loves James and tried really hard to maneuver him around the playground. Thank goodness for James another girl showed up so Evie quickly attached herself to play. Susan's little boy Jack just hung out enjoying the scenery and taking a few snoozes. He is such a laid-back little guy and so precious. It worked out perfectly to see Susan while we were both in the area and I am so thrilled that I was able to meet her sweet baby boy. We played until www got too hot then tried to find some lunch. That turned out to be more difficult than we thought. All of our kiddos did great. Evie even sat in a highchair since James was in his highchair. Usually, she absolutely zero interest in highchairs. Evie and I played some more after everyone else left. I was hoping to wear her out so she'd sleep in the car. My plan did not work! We had so much fun seeing everyone and hope to do it again soon.

Evie loved the giant peach water tower along I-85 and wanted to hold it. She also thought there must be a store like the one at Peach Park. Evie never napped but she did okay since we kept busy. We picked up Nana from work and Evie spent a lot of time outside swinging. She watered flowers and inspected some pinecones. She sure can entertain herself. Evie went right to sleep after our busy day.

Evie seems to be getting on Eastern time which seems to happen more quickly the older she gets. Maybe she has learned to tell time. She woke up this morning so excited to see Gracie dog in her room. It is pretty funny to see her interact with the dogs and asks them how they are doing.

Evie told Nana and Ipop bye when they went to work then we left for her castle. We had the entire park to ourselves and it was a gorgeous morning. Evie had a blast running all over the place. We stopped by Harris Teeter to get the ingredients to make peach tea punch for Saturday. Carl arrives tomorrow and my brother, Ben graduates from law school on Saturday so I thought it would be fun to try out this new recipe that I found in Southern Living. I will be sure to post it if it turns out well.

Evie and I played outside some more. Ipop and Ben pushed her on the swing and she played with her sidewalk chalk. We made a huge mess with Moon Dough. Evie was getting worn out. I put her down for a nap and she has been asleep for more than 3 hours. She loves to catch up on her
sleep when she misses some.

We are having a fun visit to Gastonia. Can't wait for Carl to get here. Evie told me that she missed her Daddy. So sweet!

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  1. We should have arranged to get together! I didn't put it together that you were going to be so close by. Next time, for sure! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your visit with your family.


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