Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3 Weeks!

I cannot believe it - Henry is 3 weeks old today! He's really growing fast. Two weeks ago, we thought he'd be in newborn diapers forever and now he's outgrowing them quickly. He weighs about 9 pounds and is super cuddly! Everyone that meets him thinks he is such a sweet baby. Mommy and Daddy think so too! Evie is still quite anxious when Henry cries. She runs to help him and alerts me as soon as he makes a whimper. Today, we were going up the stairs to "rescue" Henry and Evie shouted out, "Henry, Mommy and Evie coming to get'cha!" I love that she cares about her brother so much.

Henry sleeps pretty well most of the time. I have started using a little bit of the Moms on Call schedule and it helps a lot. He has only been up twice a night for the last two nights. . . around 1 and then again around 5. That changes by the night though so we will see what happens tonight. He loves his white noise machine turned up LOUD like the book suggests and calms right down if he is upset when he hears it. Nap time is either really good or really not! He loves to be swaddled and sleeps best in his crib or Mose's basket. Noise doesn't bother him but he does not always like to be held while he is sleeping. Depends on who is holding him! One of our neighbors came yesterday and Henry spent the entire time staring at his face even though he had been awake for nearly two hours. I am amazed that he can stay awake for such long periods and be perfectly happy! Evie keeps him quite entertained with her constant chatter and loudness! She was building fences out of blocks - trying to put him inside the fence, bouncing balls across the room and banging on the wall - none of that phased Henry at all!

Bath time is his favorite time of the day and there is nothing better than a clean baby to cuddle before bed. We just love our little boy so much! I might not have agreed to "two and through" if I had known he'd be such a happy little fellow. Lots can change still though but I am keeping my fingers crossed that he has his Daddy's laid-back personality!


  1. Seems impossible that Henry is already 3 weeks old! He is such a cutie. I'm glad to hear Evie is adapting well and is helpful. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. How precious! Do you have to stick with your "two and through" decision? He is a precious boy!


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