Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting in the Groove!

We had a really good day today! It did not start that great with both kids waking up at 6:30. Carl took Evie and I took Henry. Henry went back to sleep so I did too until almost 9. Carl dozed a little on the couch with Evie.

Henry seems to be adapting a routine of eating, hanging out and then sleeping for two hours before we do it all over again. Let's hope this continues because it gives us so much time with Evie and Henry needs his sleep too.

We have not even left the house today but the day sure goes by fast since it's a constant three ring circus. I sure miss my Mom and Evie misses her Nana. It's so good to have Carl back! Evie has had a much better day and took a super long nap which she desperately needed. Maybe tomorrow will go this well too!

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