Monday, July 11, 2011

Our First Day on our Own!

We made it through our first day without Carl! Everyone did great even Mommy. Evie slept until 8:00 which helped get the day off to a terrific start. Henry slept a four hour stretch with me in the guest bedroom - not the best habit but it sure works for me right now! Our friends the Porter's brought us dinner and Evie enjoyed seeing her friend, Jacob. It was so nice to have a fun visit to look forward to in the middle of the day not to mention a delicious dinner!

    I am not sure exactly what we did today but here are some pictures to give you a little glimpse into our first day at home without Daddy. These pictures do not show the mountain of laundry that needs folding, the dozen diapers that I changed, the hours spent loving my sweet babies but they are proof that we had a fun day together!

We performed a show on the hearth in our fun pink shoes!

We took a little snooze in our crib and woke up so happy to see sister.

We waved at sister and she loved it!

Evie shared her shaker with Henry!

Evie took care of her baby and fed her baby from her "belly" too!

Snuggled with brother and he did not mind too much!

Henry sleeps just like his Daddy with his hands behind his head.

We broke all kinds of baby rules and took a nap on our side. It was the longest nap of the day!

We learned about the letter M and made M&M cookies for a special snack.

We ate so many M&M's that we ran out before our cookies were decorated!

Evie joyfully swaddled her phone just like her brother gets swaddled!
We sure were glad to see Carl walk in the door! He jumped right in helping me even though I am sure he was exhausted too after a long day of work. Life with two is super fun but super busy too!


  1. What a deliciously SWEET day you had!!! I loved all of the pictures. You are very blessed. Enjoy those newborn moments for they pass way too quickly!


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