Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Cousin Time"

Evie LOVES her cousins and was thrilled to hear they were coming to visit her! She talked about it all day. Evie called it "cousin time." I told Carl that we really need to stop telling her things until right before they happen! Carl took Evie to run a few errands and then we just hung out with Evie. Henry is such a good baby (so far!) and sleeps a lot which is helping us transition to life with two kiddos.  Nighttime sleep is not as good but he will get there. It does not bother me too much especially when he is so content in my arms. He does occasionally get mad but not like Evie used to. Henry does not like diaper changes and sometimes just wants to talk to us.

   Mary and Lucy came during Evie's nap so we had a nice time watching the girls hold Henry. They were so sweet with him. Mary held Henry for the longest time and he was so happy! They went to check in their hotel while our friends came with dinner. Christina and Ed brought us a delicious meal with the best peanut butter brownies that I have ever tasted! Carl took Evie to the hotel to go swimming with her cousins. She was beside herself with joy to be swimming and being with her cousins. I relished my time with just Henry! It was so nice to hold him and talk to him while not worrying about Evie feeling left out. She is doing really well with Henry - much better than we expected the first few days to go. Although, we have heard that the first few weeks are either the easiest or hardest as the oldest child gets acclimated to life with a baby. Carl and I have talked about how Evie has not changed at all but we have changed! We love Evie more than ever and are working really hard to make her feel special. She just seems to BIG to us now and it makes me laugh that I was carrying her around plus Henry just last week when he was still in my belly.

   Everyone came back over for dinner. Henry slept through dinner. Sometimes, I forget he is even here since he just does his thing. Evie went to bed and we did too. Henry did not settle down to well at first but I just hung out with him. Not sure, what exactly I did with him but we were up for a long time. He went to sleep a little before 2 and slept until 6 and then again until a little after 9. My favorite hours of sleep are from 5-7 so that helped me feel rested for the day!

    Kurt and Lollie came back with the girls. We visited for a bit and then everyone went to the park except for me. Henry napped and I did a few things around the house. We had a fun weekend. I am nervous about Carl going back to work tomorrow but I am just taking it one day at a time. Carl told me just keep them alive and fed so that sounds easy enough. Lollie told me not to worry about anything that happens with Evie in the next few weeks like too much TV or me losing my patience. Evie will not remember this and chances are I will not either!

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  1. Good advice from Lollie...I think i'm going to take that to heart, too! libbi has definitely had more than her fair share of tv time and frazzled momma nerves since laney has been here. but thankfully, like lollie said, she won't remember it (and hopefully it will be a distant memory to me, too!)
    i can't believe how alert henry is in these pictures - what a cutie!! i love his spiky little hair - he looks like such a BOY already! :)
    i love the first cousin picture - henry looks like he is smiling. :) thinking of you as you have your first day on your own. you'll do great!!


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