Saturday, July 2, 2011


Evie loves her Caillou!
Evie made up for her craziness from yesterday by sleeping until 8. YEAH for 13 hours. We all do better when she gets her sleep and thank goodness she is not sick! Our morning was uneventful just hanging out at home. Carl did a few things for me. His list is getting longer and mine is getting shorter. Just kidding, we both only have one thing left!

I was real emotional this morning watching Evie play knowing this is her last weekend of being our only child! She will never remember this time which is a good thing. Someone told me they feel so sorry for Evie because her whole life is about to change - thanks for reminding me, dear friend! We feel like a sibling is a gift no one else can give Evie and we are so excited to see her become a big sister. Of course, there will be bumps along the way . . . lots of  bumps knowing Evie but she is going to love having her very own little brother. Evie will always be our baby girl!

    Evie finally went to sleep about 2 which is late for her and we had to wake her a little before 5 to head over to our sweet neighbors for dinner. We had a blast and it was the perfect way to spend our Saturday night. They grilled delicious kabobs and the pasta salad was so good that I had three helpings. Can't do that much longer so I need to take advantage! Evie and I both had plenty of blackberry cobbler with ice-cream too. Evie may have had two bowls of ice-cream plus some of her Daddy's. Our kids played so well and we all had plenty of time for chatting. It's so funny leaving people right now because everyone wonders if it is our last time as a family of three.

   I am about to hit the sack while I can. My days of sleeping to 8 are numbered so I can at least go to bed early! Nighttime always makes me think our baby could arrive at any time. Not sure why except Evie announced her impending arrival about 1 in the morning so it's always a toss up of getting just a few more things finished or going to bed.  Hope you had a fantastic Saturday.


  1. thinking of you!! i remember being SO emotional right before laney was born. i really think libbi could sense it too, because she would just sit with me for long stretches (Which she NEVER does) and of course i would just boo-hoo the whole time! :)
    i just told a friend the other day that i worried myself sick over how sad it was that libbi would never be "my only" again. i thought about all the "last times" that we would do this and that and it would make me so sad, BUT...i can honestly say that since laney has been born, i haven't thought about those things once! it just seems so natural to have her here that i don't feel sad that libbi now has to share the spotlight. like you said, a sibling is a gift! of course, i do worry about libbi feeling left out sometimes, but she is SO resilient (As i am SURE evie will be) that she just takes it all in stride and it has been a very natural transition for her as well. we do have our moments, but overall it has been great! i know you and evie (and carl) will be wonderful! i'll be praying for a smooth transition for all!! :)

  2. So exciting Jen! Best of luck with your new addition and I can't wait to hear about baby boy's safe arrival and see some pictures!

  3. Hi Jennifer!

    For several posts since "Miss Particular" I've been wanting to leave you a comment, but since I often read your posts during nighttime feedings I don't really get the chance to write one. I'm getting tired of not commenting, so finally here it goes!

    I've been thinking about you a lot lately since Baby Boy's arrival is so close! I'm wishing you all the best with the birth and in those first few weeks as a family of four. Of course it's going to be tough but those first few weeks definitely go by very quickly!

    I can totally relate on the separate beds during pregnancy -- it made a huge difference for us too! All of a sudden I was free to move/go to the washroom/blow my nose/etc without worrying about waking Steve up! We were in separate beds for the last few weeks of the pregnancy and it made our nights so much better.

    Right before Jessica's arrival, Emily was very attached to me too. She wanted to play with me almost exclusively (it really hurt Steve's feelings!) and I was very worried about how she would react to me being so busy with a newborn baby. She adjusted very quickly though, especially because she was with Steve the entire time I was at the hospital. She now chooses him over me a lot (ouch!), but I guess it's because she sees that I'm much less available now. I really hope that Evie adjusts well to having her baby brother around! She definitely seems like she'd be a very helpful big sister.

    I also notice a huge difference in quality between my Rebel and point and shoot. My Rebel just broke and it makes me so sad, especially since we just went to a wedding and celebrated Canada Day! There were so many missed opportunities for great shots.

    I've found myself calling Emily "Miss Particular" too (although she's probably not as particular as Evie ;)). It's so funny how these little girls' minds/feelings work, especially when it comes to what's important to them.

    p.s. Emily has a book called "Happy Birthday to you Blue Kangaroo." EVERY time I read it I think of Evie! It's about a little girl's birthday party and she wants everything to be pink.. They say "pink" about 50 times in this book while describing her party and such.. It's also a very nice story because it's about her Blue Kangaroo feeling sad that he's not pink too and eventually the little girl makes him feel special for being blue. ANYWAYS! It makes me think of Evie so much so that I was going to buy a copy and send it to you.. but then I thought it would be kind of (stalkishly) weird since we don't actually know each other. But if you ever see it around you should definitely take a look at it!

    p.p.s. Nap time is my favourite time of day too ;).

    p.p.p.s. FHEW! Feels good to finally get all of that off my chest. I'm sure I could say more but I should probably go back to sleep.

    Take care!


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