Friday, July 8, 2011

Newborn Pictures with a Toddler

We had a great night last night. Henry slept with me from 1-5 and fed off and on. I never would have let Evie sleep with me but sleep is WAY more important this time. I put him in his crib about 5 and he slept until 7. Evie slept until nearly 9 so we got our first full day at home off to a great start!

Valerie, the photographer, came to take pictures this morning. Evie hit it right off with Valerie and was sititng in her lap reading books while Henry took breaks. Can't wait to see the pictures! Most of them are of the two of them but we did manage some shots with just Henry. Evie thought the whole thing was so fun! She loves pools so we pretended the bed was a pool and she had to keep climbing up to give Henry kisses in the pool. It was defnietly a different experience from Evie's newborn pictures where we just sat back and watched the magic unfold. We were part of the magic of getting both kids in the same shot this morning.

She is loving her brother and wants to know where he is all the time. He was crying this morning while being changed. Evie said, "It's okay Henry. Evie loves you." She also wants to see and touch his belly button all the time. So sweet! She is doing a terrific job being a big sister. The hardest part so far is to give Evie attention while still taking care of Henry. It's going to get harder too when Carl goes back to work. He is a HUGE help playing with Evie while I spend most of the day feeding Henry. Luckily, Henry is helping us ease into being parents of two.  I am very behind on returning phone calls and emails! Maybe, I will catch up one day. Thank you for all your sweet messages.


  1. These pictures are so sweet, and I would love to rub his hair! I'm so happy things are off to a great start. I'll be taking notes for when it's our turn.

  2. You WILL catch up one day... now is not the time to worry about that:) Just enjoy your sweet babies!

  3. He's so precious! Who does he favor? Congrats again!

  4. He is SO sweet!! i'm curious who you think he favors as well..... does he look like any of evie's baby pictures?
    btw, i find myself doing MANY things that i would have NEVER done with Libbi....and so far laney seems okay :)

  5. oh my gosh, Henry is absolutely adorable! So funny that you say you never let Evie sleep with you but this time around is different. I think about that, balancing two and keeping *some* sanity, all the time and wonder what I'll give in about next time! I'm so glad you guys are settling in well and I can't wait to see the pictures. Get some rest!


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