Saturday, July 23, 2011

Catching up!

We have had a busy few days. Henry has been in the middle of a feeding frenzy which has finally slowed down a bit. He was eating every two hours and now he is back on track. Evie is really sweet with him but pushing the limits with us a lot!

My mom left today and we already miss her. Evie was so upset when we dropped her Nana at the airport. She cried telling us "Evie needs her Nana. Evie fly on airplane too." Henry slept through it! Evie is still crying more than Henry which is not what I expected. We are trying to be extra patient and give her lots of attention. It's hard though with little sleep!

Carl got back last night! YEAH! We missed him a lot and that defnitely impacted Evie. He has had a ball playing with Evie today. Evie had so much fun playing with her boys this afternoon. I did have a chance to get out for a bit this afternoon since Henry took two naps lasting more than two hours.


  1. They are so precious! I know you will miss your mama. You can do it! Welcome home, Carl!

  2. glad to hear all is well.....i was worried about you! :) it's funny, because libbi is DEFINITELY the more challenging of my two, and i would have NEVER expected that! i think henry looks a lot like you in these pics. love all his hair. i guess your babies just got all the good hair genes - ha! poor laney is losing all her hair, but only on top, so she has the little old man look going on :)

  3. I cried for about three days straight after my mom left when Cilla was born. Then I realized I was perfectly capable to parent! Such little cuties!!!


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