Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life with 2!

Just a few observations from my first few weeks with two children . . .

1) Someone always needs me! Henry went back to sleep at 7:20 and Evie wakes up at 7:23.

2) Stain remover is something that I should consider buying in bulk at Costco!

3) Laundry is never, ever caught up!

4) Our days go better if the dishwasher is unloaded before bedtime!

5) It takes three times as long to get out of the house as it used to take me with just Evie.

6) Crying is our new normal . . . Evie still cries more than Henry but is still getting super upset when he cries. She wants me to "Hold Henry or Help Henry" even if I am driving! As long, as I am holding him the crying does not bother her one bit.

7) Nothing is sweeter than sitting with both kids reading books together.

8) It's quite magical to see our two children beginning to form their own relationship. Evie shares her toys and always wants to know just where her brother is at all times.

9) Not sure why I thought being a mom to just one kid was so hard but I sure did think Evie was a lot of work - she still is - but now life with one seems like a piece of cake. It's all in your perspective!

10) There's not much time for anything besides taking care of babies all day and night! Thank goodness for Carl because he is a HUGE help. I cannot imagine life with two kids without him.


  1. change the names and this is the story of my life right now :)

  2. Love the pictures and totally agree with everything you wrote!

  3. Oh I'm so happy for you! I am JUST now catching up on blogs and so happy to see your sweet family. Congratulations and much love!!


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