Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Little Firecracker!

Evie has been a real firecracker today! We had a fun morning going on our breakfast picnic. Evie thought it was so funny to eat breakfast at the park. She climbed every piece of equipment, tested out every slide and took a little stroll looking for snakes.

   She has looked pitiful all day and has been acting really tired. I put her down for her nap expecting her to sleep for a LONG time. She asked to take a nap on my shoulder - that's never happened! Of course, I put her in the crib because it was my nap time too. She woke up screaming after 2 hours so it has been a LONG afternoon. Thank goodness, Carl was working from home this afternoon because the power was out at his office. Nothing made her happy and she gave us a run for our money. She does LOVE her new pink scissors that we got at Target this morning. They are kiddy scissors but she is still under careful supervision at all times! She "cut" a piece a paper for nearly 15 minutes . . . pretty good time filler.

    We took a family trip to CVS and to pick up a pizza. Evie wanted to eat at the "westaurant" but we were not about to try that after our afternoon. I am sure the restaurant was glad when we left since Evie kept announcing "BUG" in a very loud voice. There was a fly hanging around the drink station and that caught Evie's watchful eye. On the way home, we started wondering if she has a little cold because her nose was running and her voice was getting scratchy. Evie put away some pizza and even ate the Canadian bacon off it. I had just told my mom how Evie rarely eats meat and then she's picking the meat off the pizza as fast as she can!

   We both put Evie to bed because Evie is really into me these days. It's sweet but makes it really hard for me and it's about to get harder! She gets so mad at Carl when he tries to help her do anything which is so interesting to me because he is way more fun.  I am sure it will be my turn soon to receive this treatment and it will surely hurt my feelings. Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. We have a semi-vegetarian here too it seems. Do you try to give Evie anything else to make up for it? Poor Ned has the same trouble as Carl unless I am out of the house, and I wondered the same thing today about Daddy being much more fun. Enjoy the holiday!

  2. I hope Evie isn't getting sick, and if she is, I REALLY hope she's well before the baby makes his grand arrival!


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