Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Just a minute, I busy"

Evie let's me know exactly what she is thinking and today she has been too busy for most everything. It's cute for now but it is not going to be cute for long! I know I say "just a minute" a lot and it's going to be a lot more. Not sure, where she got the "busy" part from. She also keeps saying, " I getcha inosaur." Unfortunately, the dinosaur spray has not done the trick. I still hear about the dinosaurs way more than neccesary but she will move on soon.

We have been hanging out at home all day and that sometimes gets hard. Evie asked me if we could have a picnic at the park tomorrow so that's our plan. It might be a real early picnic since it's supposed to be super hot.

Our favorite photographer is going on maternity leave sooner than expected so we are using someone she suggested. Valerie came by this morning to meet me, see examples of what we like in pictures and have a chance to warm up to Evie. I think we are going to really like her plus she sells us the images so we can make our own prints. I love that and it is so much cheaper than paying for each picture separately.

I have almost nothing left to do except three quick errands and two are not essential. I want to go to the grocery store one more time to keep everything stocked for those first crazy weeks. Evie goes through fruit, yogurt and chocolate milk faster than I can keep up. I need to get two frames for baby's new prints and I am still looking for some fun fabric for my pelmet board.

I must be forgetting something because I remember feeling pretty stressed before Evie arrived. Now, I know that diapers for him and food for us are the only things that I must have on hand. Blue Eyed Bride wrote about some moms that are nurses and their ideas for getting babies to sleep. Has anyone tried any of this? Evie was a good sleeper until we moved to TN than I had to sleep train her at 11 months since she was waking up 3-4 times per night. Crazy since she started sleeping 8 hour stretches at about a month.

Evie slept the afternoon away and then was so excited to see her Daddy get home to take her outside! He got some really good shots of our big girl. I am going to miss those bubbles next year. She will be too tall for them so this is our last summer with sweet girl bubbles. We will be moving on to sweet boy bubbles. It's a gorgeous night so she got to have a picnic supper with "roni" which thrilled her little heart. Carl went to get his haircut and he's picking up our traditional hair cut night food - Thai! There's a yummy place right across the street from our hair place called Jasmine. We love it!


  1. interesting post on BEB about sleep training.... i'm not really sure how i feel about it. at this point in time, i'm not willing to pay $30 to find out - ha! :)
    but if laney is still not sleeping 7-8 hour stretches within the next month, then i might be willing to do it. :)
    i am a little apprehensive about it, because libbi was always such a good sleeper. i really didn't have to do anything, she just started sleeping through the night on her own really early. i have a feeling laney is not going to be so easy..... but i'm so used to having no sleep from my pregnancy insomnia that being up throughout the night doesn't really bother me.... yet! :)

  2. i love the bubble suits and have been thinking about them for next summer too. i don't think it's going to work out for molly next year - a lot of them are already too short to snap!

    sounds like you're almost ready!!!

    oh, and i used several books and took what worked for us for the sleep training - and it was successful! i love to talk about it, so shoot me an email if you have questions. :)

  3. You're getting so close, Jennifer! You are so right about knowing that there are really only a few essentials to get before baby comes the second time around :)

  4. Dear Niemeyer Nest,
    I am so sorry I have not responded to your postings yet. I really appreciate the things you have posted on Max's blog. That silly blog has really been a good thing for us through this whole process. Your blog is amazing and your little girl, Evie, is absolutely gorgeous. She looks like she is so much fun!

    We never actually thought we would make it this far in my pregnancy, but we are thrilled that it's worked out that way. I can't believe you are going to be delivering on July 5th also!! That's so funny! We will be praying for you on your special day too! Just wanted you to know.

    Amy and Tyler Muesch


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