Thursday, June 23, 2011

Books and Babies

Evie is certainly in the middle of the terrible 2's. Lot's of mommies have told me that 2.5 is the worst so I am wondering why in the world we decided to have a baby in the middle of the worst part. Evie is either really wonderful or really not. Luckily, even on the hard days there are still lots of sweet times. I cannot remember what we did yesterday but I did go to a spa night which was quite delightful. It's always nice to get together with my mom friends especially without our kids because we actually have a chance to engage in conversation.

Evie was so excited that her friend Abby was coming over for lunch. She talked about it all morning and even made a special dessert for her Abby. Evie loves to create things in the kitchen and I needed an activity to occupy her so we made chocolate covered strawberries. Evie was not the best host as her sharing could use some help! I am hoping preschool will help with that skill. We had a fun time and I marveled at how easy Sydney and Victoria are at play dates. They are quiet and they do not move! Such sweet girls and so laid-back.

Evie took a nap and woke up much happier but I had already used my patience quota for the day. I read her some books and then she stayed in her room reading while I straightened up a little. We went to pick up our dinner and came home to iron. Our days go by so quickly but I am not sure what exactly we do except that I am exhausted! Kelly's Korner said yesterday that "these are the best of times and the worst of times." Her Harper was born the same day as Evie so I can totally relate. If you have forgotten or want to experience life with a 2 year old for a day, let me know and I have a really cute one that you can borrow for a bit.

Evie was so excited to tell Carl about the "dessert strawberries" that she made when he got home. He's not into desserts like we are but he took one for the team to sample Evie's cooking. After dinner, he hung our pelmet board in baby boy's room - it looks very good but I am pretty sure that I will keep looking for some heavier fabric with a bolder pattern. Time is running out so I figured something was better than nothing! It actually looks way better than I expected for something made with staples and duct tape. Courtney's turned out way better than mine so maybe she can give me some guidance. Evie is so excited to see her boys in the morning.She told me we needed a dessert! HA - she is just like me in lots of ways!

   Here's a cute story about Evie so we can all remember she is simply adorable even when she is having an off day. She had her baby in her arms looking out the front door. She whispers to her baby, "This Evie's house, See that house, that Evie's boys house. They sleeping. Shhhh. Quiet. Night Night."

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