Sunday, June 12, 2011

Par-Tee and Pops

We have had a fun weekend although as usual it became busier than we had planned. Evie was invited to a Par- Tee yesterday that was so cute with a little golfing theme. Carl enjoyed it too. Evie tried out golfing for the first time but the cupcakes were her favorite part. She literally talked about cupcakes from the time we got there until she finally got one. You'd think I never give the kid anything sweet! We had a fun morning on the course and loved all the cute touches throughout the party. Arnold Palmer's are always delicious treat too so that made me happy!

  Evie came home and played a bit before nap. She was exhausted from a morning of fun in the sun. I took a nap too then we straightened the house a bit before the babysitter arrived. Evie was NOT happy at all to be left with a babysitter. Carl thinks she was expecting one of her young, cute sitters and that's not who showed up. Of course, Evie was fine after we left. I received a text telling me that Evie was having a blast and knew her bedtime routine to a T. Evie does love her sleep. Carl and I arrived home to a sparkling house, a detailed report of the evening and a sleeping child. I peeked in Evie's room to check on her before bed. She rolled right over and looked at me with a big smile and said, "fun" then went back to sleep before I left the room.  So, it seems Evie had a fun night too! Carl and I enjoyed getting out by ourselves and are trying to get in a few last minute dates before Baby Boy while getting Evie used to some new sitters.

It has been a lazy day at home. We headed out to try some Corky's Barbecue for dinner even though we knew it would not be Carolina style. It was fine but not our favorite barbecue in the area. Evie wanted to see her boys so bad and has not stopped talking about them. Their Nana is visiting and Evie talks about her too. Evie thought it'd be really great if the boys and their Nana went with us to the concert in the park. The C's decided to stay home since they just got back from a trip but we sure missed them. It was a Symphony similar to the Boston Pops and they did a great job. Evie tried making some new friends tonight and was quite adventurous in getting away from us. Not too far but a little further than she normally goes. Evie just loves music and clapped away since it was a Symphony tonight. It's so rewarding to
take Evie places because she lets us know how much fun she is having and always has a big grin. Guess who she wanted to see when we got home - the boys and their Nana! HA! She is one determined little girl! 

  We sure had a good weekend and enjoyed this special time of being a family of 3. Too bad weekends go by so quickly!


  1. evie is precious as always. i love that she loves "her boys"....she will be such a doting big sister when she has her very OWN boy at home 24.7 :)
    and take it from me, go out as much as you can before baby boy is here!! :)

  2. How cute is she eating that blue cupcake?!?! And you look so cute too, momma!


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