Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pet Shop

Our MOMS group headed to Pet Smart for a tour this morning. I am pretty sure we totally overwhelmed their staff since we had 12 kids under the age of 4. The tours are designed for older children but they adapted it for us. Evie loves Pet Smart on a regular day but she was in heaven today. They let her pet lizards, chameleons, snakes and birds. I could not believe that my sweet little princess was so fearless when it came to touching reptiles and other animals. It was fun but chaotic as you can imagine. Pet Smart most likely will be revamping their age requirements after our visit this morning. Evie did really well but it's a little harder for the moms juggling two and three kiddos. That will be me before you know it!

Our next stop was Chick fil A! We are going to turn into chickens. Evie and I met her friend George and his mommy for a quick lunch. Evie was excited to see George again. Melissa and I had a chance to catch up since it was hard to chat at George's Par- Tee. She told me about this Etsy shop that does little boy Jon Jon's for $25. That sounds like a great place to stock up for Baby Boy! It was pouring rain when we left the mall.

   Evie and I played store when we got home. She has been engaging in imaginary play for quite awhile but it has been limited to cooking and taking care of her babies. Now, Evie likes to play store and classroom. She gets really into it and always has to carry her "shiny" purse on her shopping excursions.

    I put Evie down for a nap and then crawled into the bed myself for a nice long siesta. There was a horrible storm but that did not bother Evie one bit so I did a few things around the house until she woke up. Evie has missed her boys so much so we invited them over for an impromptu play date and it was so much fun! Courtney and I had fun catching up while our kiddos played. Evie is such a little mother to Campbell. I hear about Campbell and Christian every single day from Evie so I know she was happy to see them.

   We had a nice relaxing evening and now I am about to get a few things done while I have the energy after my two hour nap! Let's hope that I can still sleep tonight.

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