Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

I was not overly optimistic that we were going to have a good weekend but we had a fabulous weekend! Carl and Evie have not even left the house except to go jogging both days.  I ran a few errands to the post office, grocery store and paint store yesterday. Other than that, we have been home just relaxing! We did get a few little projects done around the house. Nursery is finished except we are waiting on a few things to arrive for the walls. Evie's room needs some more things for the wall too so she's next on my list. She has a few things and tells me all the time that she has a pretty pink room. Carl and I bought her a little white crib and high chair for her room so she will have something to do in her room while I take care of our baby. He put it together on Friday night but we decided to give it to her on the day her brother comes home from the hospital. She literally plays with her babies all day so she has multiple baby stations set up throughout the house.

Evie got in her baby pool yesterday and had a blast. I asked her if she wanted a new pool and she said no. It must work for her but it sure is tiny compared to two years ago. Carl and I washed the double stroller that Kurt and Lollie gave us. It looks great and is ready for two new kids. Evie loves that it was Mary and Juicy's (Lucy) stroller. Carl took Evie jogging and he brought out the single jogger which perplexed Evie. I asked her if brother could go jogging one day and she said, "No, just Evie."

Evie made us some delicious waffles for breakfast with her Daddy's help. YUMMY! We decided to skip the weekly concert since it has rained most of the day and would be super muddy. Not to mention Evie and I are still in our pajama's and it's already bedtime again. Tomorrow, I plan to get out with Evie to run a few quick errands before it gets too hot. Hope you had a fabulous weekend too!

NOTE: The swimming pictures were taken with our point and shoot while the waffle picture was made with our Rebel. That's a big difference in quality! I had some pictures developed yesterday and was so surprised to see the quality was not that great even though it appeared fine on the point and shoot.


  1. What a wonderful weekend. I love weekends at home. I am craving time to just enjoy our home. We have traveled so much and now our house is begging for some organization! All in due time! I hope the end of your pregnancy goes well!

  2. Cute cute pics! Yay for weekends at home! Awww...i am looking forward to one!


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