Friday, June 24, 2011

Freaky Friday!

Not really . . . just another crazy day. Evie was so excited to see her boys this morning. It's hilarious to see how thrilled they all are to see each other even though they see each other all the time. I love it.  Courtney and I had a fun morning but our two years old sure keep us on our toes. Evie has no clue what an inside voice is and thinks screaming is the best way to get what she wants. My head is throbbing from her screeches! I am about at the point where it might be easier for baby boy to be out than in but I am trying to enjoy these last two weeks of pregnancy. It's getting harder to do that as my laundry list of issues continues to grow. It's much harder to be pregnant in June with a toddler running around than it was to be pregnant in January while teaching fourth grade.

Our morning went by so fast with our friends and it was time for Caillou and lunch. Evie slept and I did too. After nap, it took quite a bit of cajoling to get Evie out of the house to go to the grocery store. It's a lot harder to get her to do things now that I can barely pick her up with my humongous belly. She runs and tells me that she is hiding. Then, she told me that she needed to go to the market for some shopping. 1,2 3 Magic does help when we implement it correctly. Carl tried using it tonight and I was laughing in the other room because it was so hysterical but at least we are trying! I was counting Evie yesterday and I said, "That's one, pause, that's 2." Evie, said" No, No, not 6, 7." Silly girl, we are not trying to get to 7 - the point is not to get past 3. Time outs help a lot but I have no idea what we will do in public. So far, she is easily distracted in public. I can remember moms telling me about tantrums a few months back and I was convinced that Evie was already doing it. Nope, she was just warming up but she sure has them down pat now. It's so funny to me because she literally curls up into a fetal position and screams for a minute or two before calming back down to her sweet self. I bet if there are any moms of teenagers reading this, you'd tell me to just wait until the teenage years! YIKES! I cannot imagine that right now!

Carl got home early which was such a tremendous help! He brought pizza and salad. We had an early dinner with Popsicles for dessert. Then, we had lots of time to play with Evie which makes such a difference in her behavior. She does so much better with lots of one on one attention. I mentioned this to Carl and he said we all do better when we get one on one attention. He's right! I will try to keep that in mind when she is driving me crazy! Thank goodness, we have lots of sweet times too and it's so amazing to see her change before our eyes. I love her ever increasing vocabulary and her fearlessness about trying new things. She makes me laugh with her concerns about the "inosaurs" living in our house and watching her take care of her baby is truly hilarious! She's a keeper!


  1. I read somewhere that the "twos" are the worst they'll be by the time the child turns two, but I'd say they were wrong, because Avery is just getting warmed up! I'm trying to implement "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" but "1,2,3 Magic" is next on the list. Behavior is an important thing and I feel at a loss sometimes. I had to laugh at Evie counting. I am thinking of you in these final weeks. On days that you don't blog I wonder if they'll be news to share!

  2. One of my favorite parenting books is "Shepherding a Child's Heart". It made a huge difference for us because two year olds test their parents to find out what the limits are. Just be consistent! :)


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