Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a nice weekend. It turned out to be a little busier than we had anticipated but that's the way things go these day. Everything is more difficult with a 2 year old and a very pregnant Mommy.

  We spent the morning at home yesterday getting Baby Boy's room together. My list keeps gettin longer of things to do but at least his crib is ready even though there is no sheet. I just threw the bedding in the wash so maybe I will get it put on the bed tomorrow. Evie was in a great mood most of the day so this made everything so much easier.

   I started nesting about 8:30 last night and was on a roll until bedtime. Then, I was convinced that the baby was about to come because I was having so much pain. Carl suggested that perhaps I had just overdone it a bit. He was right because I am much better today!

 Morning came bright and early and we headed off to church. I love going to church and think it is so important for Evie to grow up in a church. However, it takes years off our lives every time we go! It's a major struggle to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door by 8:00 to get to church by 8:30. Evie loves her little class so that part is easy but then the last 10 minutes of the service are pretty chaotic again. Evie thinks the pew is a great place to practice her balancing skills and just does not understand why we disagree with her on that. After church, Carl was chatting with the minister and Evie is in about a million different directions. She wanted a pink cookie but did not bother to let me know until I had already chosen a plain cookie. I am still not sure there were any pink cookies. It's exhausting but worth it!

   I made some delicious heath bar cookie bars from this blog. They were really good! Carl grilled some hot dogs and we had a quick lunch. Evie was ready for her nap but did not want to go to sleep for Carl. She finally decided it'd be nice to take a nap on her belly and fell asleep. I ran a few errands and Carl watched the race.

   We met The C's at the park for a picnic and to hear the first summer concert. It was Little Texas and it was really fun! We had a great time and our kids just had a blast. I learned that Frisbees are not the best toy for a gathering of lots of people. Our Frisbee went everywhere tonight so it will stay home next time. We decided the kids might stay home next time too. It was really a nice evening and the Daddy's took the kids down to see the band which gave us time to chat. Evie just loves music! Our sweet girl hit the sack and her parents are not far behind her.

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