Monday, June 13, 2011

Miss Personality

Evie and I had such a fantastic day together. We made it through a whole day without any tears - from either one of us and lots of smiles. We went to the mall for a quick haircut for Evie. The stylist is explaining to me that we don't call it a hair cut because that term is scary to children because they relate it to hurting themselves. Evie pipes right in and says, "that not scary." That made me laugh and the lady relaxed a little after that. I think that Evie was making her a bit nervous.  We shared a Chick fil A biscuit after her haircut and Evie told me it was "delicious." Smart girl! We headed down to the playground until we found out the elevators were broken in both the main part of the mall and Dillard's. A sweet gentleman working in the man's department helped me down the escalator. He carried the stroller and I carried Evie. Miss Priss loved that "lator." We finally made it to the play area and Evie had a blast until a little girl pushed her down. Evie was so sad that the little girl's Mommy made her leave because she pushed Evie down. I started chatting with the mom and she is due July 9 too. Maybe I'll see her again at the hospital since we are delivering at the same place.

  Evie and I came home for a little playtime and lunch. I put her down for her nap and waited for the babysitter to arrive. Evie has never woken up to a babysitter before so I decided to test it today since I had an afternoon doctor appointment. We may need to use a sitter when the baby comes. Well, it did not go too well! Evie refused to get out of her crib even though she loves Big Paige. YIKES! I wonder how long she would have stayed in her crib. By the time, I got home, it had been almost an hour with Paige sitting next to the crib trying to convince Evie to get out of the crib. Sweet girl has not let me out of her sight since this little fiasco.

   We went outside to play in her little pool since the temperature was down to 90. It seems so cool compared to the past few weeks. Evie loved splashing in her pool and even wore her goggles. It's time to get Evie a bigger pool since she barely fits in the one we have. She spent most of the time watering the dirt under the tree with her watering can.

  We came in for a quick dinner since Carl was not home. Evie and I shared a turkey avocado wrap from Whole Foods. You need to try this if you have not already. It's so yummy! Evie was in the best mood and so happy to have me around all evening. Too bad all of our days cannot be like this one!


  1. That is so funny but sad that Evie wouldn't get out of her crib! Bless her heart! She loves her Mommy :)

  2. love evie in her goggles. i am i am laughing over her staying in her crib - haha!! that sounds like something libbi would do - these girls just know what they want and stick to it! :)


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