Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cheekwood Choo- Choo!

Cheekwood was having their first family night tonight so we packed up and headed out in 95 degree weather. It was a pretty big undertaking for us at 5:30 but like all big undertakings it was worth the hard work. Evie LOVED the trains. They have a collection of miniature trains running on tracks in realistic settings outside. Evie liked them all but I liked the red ladybug one the best. It was a fabulous exhibit definitely well-thought out by someone who knows children. I cannot wait to go back but perhaps we will try a cooler night.

Conductor Jack was there too singing his favorite tunes for all the kids. Evie thought that was pretty fun seeing him there too. I cannot imagine how hot he must have been performing in denim overalls but he looked happy to be there. All the kids were dancing and singing all over the place. Evie was so excited that she did not even want to eat her ice cream and Evie loves her ice cream!

We raced home for a quick shower and bedtime because our pumpkin was melting. She requested train and Jack songs at bedtime tonight so that's a big clue that she had a fabulous time.

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  1. you are a brave soul!! i can't believe you braved the heat being pregnant...that sounds like my worst nightmare! we have been having horribly hot days here, too. it's already 85 at 8am this morning - yikes!! i can barely stand to get out and i'm not even pregnant anymore! it does make it a little more bearable when the babies enjoy themselves, though. you look so cute pregnant!! not too much longer! :)


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