Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Days with Evie

It is amazing how my sweet little girl can drive me crazy one minute and the next minute I just want to freeze her just the way she is right that very moment!

I just love all this talking she does these days. We have the best little conversations. Here's one from this morning:

Mommy: Evie you are going to have a babysitter tonight and you are going to have so much fun.
Evie: Evie don't sitter!
Mommy: It's Big Paige's friend, Allison and she will play with you in your pink room.
Evie: Evie don't like sitter.

Yesterday, we went to a children's shop to look for a few things. One of the ladies had a granddaughter named Evie and wanted to talk to Evie. My sweet girl put her finger to her lip and said, "Shh, don't talk to Evie." Oh dear!

Evie knows her brother's name and uses it a lot. At Target, she told me that, "Brother sit here" and pointed to the spot right next to her. She also loves taking things from her room and running them over to brother's room. Evie will tell you she has the pink room but brother has a tan room and that Mommy's room is tan too.

We were eating lunch together and she was shocked when I suggested that she dip her carrots in hummus. She said, "Hummus for chips. Not carrot." - like I was the crazy one for suggesting such a thing. "Evie get white dip."  That's ranch in case you do not speak Evie. She liked that and told me it was "delicious."

We shared some watermelon and I about melted as she put little pieces in my mouth with her perfect little hands as pink juice ran down her arm. She holds her little arm out for me to wipe it and does not have to say a word because she knows that I know just what to do. I love these special times with Evie and am savoring them even more now that I know things are really about to change around here.


  1. I was doing the same thing before Jessica arrived.. Savouring all the little moments with Emily. What I'm finding now though is that since I spend much less time with Emily, I savour the times that I'm with her even more than before!

  2. oh my gosh...."she knows that I know just what to do" that sentence just about sent me over the edge! SO true!! How many times a day do we have interactions like this without having to say anything? (basically all we did for the first 15 months of their little lives!)
    evie is going to be such a great big sister- I don't think you'll ever have to worry about brother getting into any mischief - i have a feeling evie will see to it that he walks the straight and narrow - ha! :)

  3. I just love her hair!! she is so cute!

  4. Oh they say the darndest things!!! I am constantly laughing! Cilla says, "stop talking to me" or "stop talking, mommy". We are in trouble! She is already full of sass!


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