Monday, June 6, 2011

"All day long."

Evie and I had a super low-key day.  We move pretty slowly these days and Evie does not like to be rushed at all. She gets that from her Daddy. She likes to eat about 8:45 or 9 and she tells you exactly what she wants to eat most of the time. Evie wanted "bagel with cheese" this morning. I told her that she needed some fruit too and that Daddy loved cantaloupe. She looked at me and said, "Daddy love strawberries too" because that is what she really wanted for breakfast.

I was not sure that we were ever going to get out of the house because she was so happy reading in her room and did not want to come downstairs. She loves having all of her books on her new bookshelf and will read for 20 minutes at a time several times a day. We finally got out of the house about 9:30 as Evie announced to me that she was ready to go to "Lobby" with her doctor kit in tow. We finally made it to Hobby Lobby and Evie did not stop chattering the entire time we were in the store. She just talks about everything that she sees so it can be a little hard to concentrate. "Look at that boat, Evie see a bear, Oh, that a cute baby, Sunny day." Sometimes I wonder why in the world, I wanted her to ever talk because it is all day long. She throws in the phrase "all day long" throughout the day because she loves the song "Wheels on the Bus." She's got the talking part down pat!

   She got cranky around noon and it was very frustrating for me until I remembered she went to bed late and woke up early. She was ready for her nap so we lunched quickly and down she went for her nap. I got a few things done but all things that I could do sitting. My back pain and hip pain is pretty bad so we just rested after nap time doing just a few things around the house. Evie did a little reading and I folded some clothes. Evie's nursery was in pristine shape before Evie arrived. Our little boys nursery looks like someone already lives in it. Evie reads his books, hangs out in his crib, lounges in his chair and puts things in there that she thinks he might like. She clicks her little mouth and tells me that "Brother like that." Poor brother is going to have his hands full with his Big Sister.

Carl was not here for dinner so we just improvised. Mommy was tired so Evie went to bed early. She must have been tired too because she went right to sleep before 7. It's time to get the house put back together before Carl gets home.

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