Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sleep . . . it makes all the difference!

We had a much better day! Evie slept until 8 and was so happy all day. Now, that does not mean she did not have any meltdowns but they were few and far between. She got upset because her "potty pot" for lack of a better word would not stay on her head. I told her that's because it is not a hat which satisfied her for the moment.

We ran a few errands this morning and found some fabric for our pelmet board. Brentwood Interiors was our first stop and they do not have carts. People might buy a little more if they had a way to carry their supplies. Evie and I had a quick discussion about appropriate behavior and she did great! She oohed and ahhed over every pink piece of fabric in the store and thought the piles of rugs were beds. I was quite impressed that she did so well. Evie calls fabric - rabric and it's so cute! On the way out the door, she told the men at the counter, "I like your rabric store."

We found some fabric at Jo-Ann. There were a few tiny spots on it so I asked for a discount which put my cost at $4 for two yards of fabric. Not bad!  Now, I just need to get it on the board. Carl thought it needed ironing so it's in the dryer - that's how I iron these days.

  Evie and I both enjoyed our naps during the rainstorm. We worked a bit upstairs after nap and Evie kept telling me that she was getting married. I figured out where she got it from - Caillou went to a wedding! She's so serious about her playtime with her babies. She used a step stool to gently place her baby in the bassinet and then told her not to worry that it was night night time.

   We were happy to see Carl when he got home. Carl had planned to grill burgers but it started raining so we did them inside. Evie played so nicely while we cooked. It was bedtime for Evie and now I am trying to get a few things done around the house.

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  1. sleep is great :)

    i loved reading the last week's worth of posts...evie's lilly skirt outfit was too cute! and 1-2-3 magic is the best book ever. toddlers are crazy, aren't they? it's a good thing they are so cute and fun when they're not wreaking havoc.

    i hope you're feeling better and getting lots of rest!!


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