Friday, June 10, 2011


We had a hard day yesterday but today has been much better. Evie and I went to Peek a Boo Playtown with a friend who is due with a little boy one day before me. She also has a daughter that is 2 years old so we have lots in common. Evie loved playing with the dress up clothes and cozy coupe car. She was not happy to leave at all! Carl came home to stay with Evie while I went to the doctor. Of course, Evie decides to wake up early from her nap. Carl called her Sugar again and she said, "Not Sugar, this Evie" while pointing at herself. We went on a tour at the hospital and Evie was not impressed until she saw a cart then that became what she really wanted! One of the nurses told Evie how adorable she was and Carl told me that he almost told her that she could just have Evie. We were ready for dinner but not about to attempt taking Evie anywhere so we hit Chick fil A - that made her mad too.  She wanted a lemonade which is her favorite drink these days. Pink is her preferred color but she will drink yellow at Chick fil A. Yes, I know she is a mess! By the time we got home, she was as happy as a lark again. Evie gave us a nice preview of the teen years that will be here before we know it.

Thank goodness, our sweet Evie was back this morning. We had a great day together. It was our morning for Story time and Messy Art. Little Paige and Rhett came too which thrilled Evie's little heart. Evie is especially proud of her new pink sandals and showed them to anyone who would look at her precious little feet. Afterwards, we picked up our groceries from Harris Teeter. They are offering all kinds of incentives to entice customers to use their Express Lane service. It is so fabulous to order your groceries online and have them delivered right to your car. Our HT offers this for $1.95 for the entire summer. I will gladly pay $1.95 to not have to haul my big belly and my 30 pound toddler out into the heat not to mention all the money that I save by not throwing things in the cart. Evie is still chatting non-stop and I just have to tune her out sometimes. Here's an excerpt of one of our conversations in the car this morning.

Evie: Mommy, snack please.
Mommy: Okay, Evie here are some raisins.
Evie: Yummy, Evie like raisins. They don't Raisinettes. . . they raisins. They spicy like tee-tacs. Daddy like tee-tacs too. Mommy likes tee-tacs too. Tee-tacs red and spicy. Bird fly - it red too.

Evie uses spicy and juicy to describe her food. Just for the record, we give her cherry tic-tacs not cinnamon so they are not spicy.

Evie took a nice fat nap and I got some things done this afternoon.  After nap, we painted pictures, stamped out our names, practiced counting and worked puzzles. Evie is really showing a major interest in learning new things. Evie missed her Daddy and told me that he gave the best hugs but unfortunately she did not give him the best greeting when he got home. She perked up when he shared some Gatorade with her. Evie went to bed after demonstrating for her Daddy how well she fits in the Mose's basket and we had a late dinner. We are looking forward to a fun weekend. One of our last weekends as a family of 3!

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  1. Aubrey is in love with lemonade, and just like Evie, the pink is her fav, but she will accept yellow at CFA. These girls are a mess! :)


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