Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Crazy!

Evie and I had a fun morning at home with our friends The Porter's. Evie was happy to see Jacob and his baby sister Anna. She really likes Anna and worried about her when she cried. I have been telling Evie that our baby will cry too and we have to make him feel better. She frets when other people are crying. Too bad she does not fret when she cries! That's one of our reminders before we go anywhere, "no crying and listening ears on." Most of the time, it works but only for short outings. Like most young girls, Evie can be a bit of a drama queen.

  We played with "Big Baby" when they left and Evie put her baby in my sling. So cute! Evie takes good care of her babies and put her baby down for a nap. She told me that  her "baby's"  name was her brother's name and that he needed a pillow.She tucked him in the Mose's basket very carefully and covered him up with two blankets. It's so precious to see her doing the things to her baby that I do for her.  I hope she has this much concern for her real brother!

Evie and I have been having lots of converstations about when brother comes and how things will be a little different. She perked right up and told me she was going to go "stay with Courtney and her boys." That was the sweetest thing and I love that she is excited about that - it sure beats the thought of her not getting out of her crib for hours. HA!

Evie is napping and I am getting a few things done around the house. She is having a babysitter again so I can go to my Mom's Night Out. Carl's plane lands right when I need to be there so we thought a sitter would save us all some stress in case his flight his delayed. This is my last MNO for a long time so I wanted to be sure to go take advantage of a nice dinner without my daughter. I will be excited to get home to see Carl. He had his last trip before Baby Boy and I was really hoping not to go into labor while he was gone.


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