Friday, June 17, 2011

Miss Particular!

Evie is really going through a stage of being quite particular about things from which chair she sits in, to the room she walks through to get to the stairs or even how her toothpaste is on her brush. It can be very trying but then I remember I can be particular about things so why should she be any different. Carl thinks I am so patient with her but trust me that is not always the case. Evie even got a little spanking this afternoon. We will not be doing that again because it does not work for her. She shook her little bottom at us tonight trying to get another one on her butterfly panties. Oh dear! Let's hope 1, 2, 3 Magic is the trick for us. I keep telling Carl that this is all going to look like a piece of cake in a few weeks when we have two children to take care of every day.

   I had to sit and think about what in the world we did yesterday until I remembered. We took a quick trip to Home Depot and Evie was a perfect angel even smiling, waving and speaking to strangers. Our next stop was to get Carl a new charger at the Verizon store. My advice is to avoid taking a toddler into a Verizon store unless it is 9:00 when the store opens. I was literally sweating after an hour of trying to keep up with her in there so she did not destroy everything in sight. If I had known that it would take an hour to get a charger, I would have just completed the transaction online especially since they had to order it anyway.

  Last night, I had my last haircut before Baby Boy so Carl stayed with Evie. She is not too fond of anyone doing anything for her except for me but is okay after I am totally out of the picture. I was thrilled that she stayed in her crib until 8 this morning! She noticed my haircut right away and started chattering about how we both had haircuts.

   We had a few stops this morning before our play date but they were all drop-off or pick-up type of places so Evie was happy as a clam in her seat. We then headed for a pizza play date. It was fun but pure chaos. I am just not cut out for 16 kids running through my house with pizza covered hands and brownie crumbs in their tracks while working with fingerpaint. Evie prefers small crowds but was fine playing with her boys. Evie was super impressed that there was a play set in the basement. She napped for a bit and I made some dessert to take a family from church with their dinner. After nap, she told me that Campbell was her brother and she was their teacher. I have no idea where she gets these things from but she certainly keeps things interesting.

      We all headed out to take the dinner because the family lives about 30 minutes away from us. I did not even make the dinner because a mom that I know started a casserole company out of her home and it's much easier to pick it up from her than it is to create it at my house. That's worth $15 especially when it's 100 degrees and I am about to pop! So my guess, is this baby is going to come sooner than July 9. Carl says he will wait! I am not so sure because I am very achy and am having contractions along with some other things. Let's hope he stays put a bit longer because his room is not ready yet!

   We headed out to dinner after dropping off the dinner and Evie was AMAZING until . . . of course there is a catch! She did not like the path that Carl used to leave the restaurant and she let everyone know it! Evie does everything quite methodically and that did not go according to her plan. We are going to have our hands full with Miss Particular!

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  1. oh, the stories we could share :)
    libbi is so much like evie it's scary! i feel bad, because i guess i just get so used to her particular ways that i don't think too much about it sometimes. but poor jeffrey. he bears the brunt of her frustration a lot, because he just doesn't know any better, and bless his heart, he might (GASP!) take a path different than the one libbi is used to. and things just fall apart from there.
    carl is lucky he'll have a boy to commiserate with- ha! i think some days jeffrey comes home from work and thinks he's surrounded by three crazy women (which in all honesty, some days....HE IS!) ;-)


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