Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hump Day!

It's been a day around here because we had a night last night. I checked on Evie about 10:15 and she sat right up and said, "Mommy, rock Evie." Of course, I rocked her for a few minutes and then put her back in the crib awake. At 1:00, we hear her calling for me, she NEVER does this unless we are OOT so we figured something might be wrong. I go in to check and she says, "Mommy, rock Evie." Oh dear, let's hope this is not going to be a new thing at our house. I cannot handle my baby and my toddler waking up in the night especially since Evie always needs me for everything! She knows something is going on around and is already beginning to "act" like a baby. She wanted to drink out of a bottle yesterday and she likes Carl to hold her like a baby. Sweet thing has no clue how much her life is about to change so we are giving her lots of extra attention!

We went to a picnic this morning and it was so HOT! Not sure, why we decided to picnic in June. It was okay for the first hour but the last bit was really hot so we left to come home. Evie had fun but barely lets me out of her grasp. She needs me within touching distance at all times! We were walking back to the car and she told me she was scared and to "hold her" so I picked her up. She told me "that girl take Evie." I told her that anyone that took her would bring her right back. Thank goodness, "that girl" had earphones in because may have been offended by my child's concern regarding her mere presence at the park.

   She napped and then we did a few things around the house. Nothing too exciting! It was too hot for dinner so we snacked. Carl put Evie to bed and he called her Sugar. She did not like that and told him "No Sugar, Evie."

   Two year olds sure are funny little critters!

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  1. so funny what goes through their little minds....
    tuesday when i put libbi down for her nap, she screamed and cried for hours because she wanted to take a nap in my bed (which she has done once, maybe twice her entire life!) i have no idea where that idea came from. i was SO worried that it might be the start of a new trend, but when it was time for nap on wednesday, she went right down without a second thought to "momma's bed" - who knows where they come up with some things!


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