Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Just Evie" goes to Camp

Evie went to her very first day of camp today! I have fretted to death over sending her because it's run by a bunch of young girls with one mom in charge. Evie loves adventure and I am not going to be able to give her much adventure this summer. So off she went . . .

   We have chatted with her about it all week and she has had various reactions. At first, she thought she was going camping and she knows all about that from Curious George so that was not her idea of fun. Then, she wanted mommy to go too. Well, mommies do not go to camp! Then, she decided it'd be fun once she found all she could wear her bathing suit to camp.

   I was so impressed with the "counselors" although they were super young they came right out to greet us at the car and talked to Evie. They checked her off their list as they listed her name, Evie Niemeyer. That did not work for Evie, she looked at them like they were crazy and said, "just Evie." She's just not getting this three name concept of Evelyn Claire Niemeyer and wants to keep it "just Evie."

   I ran a few last minute errands and got lots of comments about being about to pop! I picked Evie up just a tad early so we could get home for nap time plus I missed my sweet girl. She was marching from room to room with her "class" and just waved at me when she saw me. I had to go pick her up because she was having too much fun to leave. Evie wants to go back to camp real soon. Mommy liked it too because she slept until 4:15. The MIC (Mom in Charge) told me not to worry a thing about having a little boy because Evie could run circles around her little boy on the playground. She was impressed with Evie's climbing abilities. I am not so impressed!

   We read books and played after nap time. Evie is already making plans for Halloween with her boys She told me they need bags for their candy and it will be so fun! Carl got home and we made a trip out to return a mirror that I had bought that did not work for our space. Then, Evie chose a present for her brother to bring to the hospital. We did pretty well at keeping her on task. She only picked up 10 pink items before settling on a nice frog toy. All that shopping makes a girl hungry so we went to eat at a little meat and three place that we like. It's the perfect place to take Evie but the food is not fabulous! At least, I did not have to cook. We had a nice family outing in the middle of the week which was a nice change of pace. It's easier just to stay home once Carl gets home but it was fun to get out as a family of three.


  1. "just evie" cracks me up! i never knew her full pretty! libbi goes to camp next week (woohoo!!!) but it's a her preschool with her preschool teacher so i am not the least bit nervous, in fact, i think i may be more excited about it than she is - haha!

  2. I'm with Evie on the "nature" camping. I had to smile about you picking up for nap because I would have done the same thing. Some of our friends don't understand leaving the fun for naptime and bedtime, but I am a fan of both of those activities. I loved "just Evie too!"


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