Friday, June 3, 2011

Beating the Heat!

Evie and I have been keeping cool this week  . . . indoors! Sweet thing has not even asked to go outside which is amazing but she told me it was summer this morning. I agree, it certainly feels like summer.

   We have done everything under the sun this week. I've read Evie tons of books, she has painted lots of pictures, we have played babies, worked in her kitchen and even prepared for Baby Boy. She loves to help with Baby Boy stuff. I wonder how long that will last once she figures out that he will be staying here in her house.

  Evie thinks the "inosaurs" are back but I told her that dinosaurs live at the zoo. OOPS, that might not have been the best place to relocate them but I figured it was better than her idea that they live in the guest room. We went to story time this morning and raced home before the heat got to us. Evie was the star of story time because it happened to be one of her favorite books - Silly Sally so she knew all the answers.

    She was a bit fussy this morning after our late night last night but made up for it with an extra long nap. We picked up a pizza for dinner and helped Carl put together a dresser for baby.

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