Saturday, June 4, 2011

35 Weeks!

Baby Size: Baby Boy is more than 18 inches long and is the size of a honeydew. He weighs about 5 and 1/4 pounds.

Total Weight Gain: 20 pounds although I am sure this number has gone up after all my frozen treats this week.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, although some of them are beginning to be too small. I feel like I am too close to buy anymore but I may have to grab another pair of shorts.

Gender: It's a BOY! He has a complete name or two. We are still discussing but are very close to making a decision. Monogramming takes precedence!

Movement: Baby Boy moves a lot at night just like his sister but not so much during the day. Carl gets a kick out of feeling his little foot move across my belly.

Sleep: I am tired all the time but it can be tricky getting comfortable with this big belly. I take naps most days for about 30 minutes or so which helps me feel so much better.

What I Miss: Being able to bend down and carry Evie easily. I still do it but it's a lot harder these days.

Cravings: FRUIT! I love summer fruit and have been eating lots of watermelon.

Symptoms: Tired and Hot but he is still easier in than out!

Best Moment:  This is one of the best times of pregnancy because I still feel good but I am very close to having a sweet baby boy. I got a little teary today buying some baby stuff and it was so fun picking out stuff with Carl the other night. It's so cute to see Evie get so excited about her brother. She found her old College of Charleston shirt in his room and told me that brother could wear her "Sharleston" shirt.  Baby Boy has all of his furniture in his room. Thank you to Carl for putting together Evie's new bookcase and the dresser for our son. Now, it's time to put the clothes away and find some things for the wall. Ironing is not necessary anymore because my humongous belly smoothes all the wrinkles out in my clothes. Evie is super excited about her brother and talks about him a lot. We were leaving the house the other day and she said, "Brother go too." She points out where he can sit in the cart at Target and in the car. She picks out clothes for him and let's me know if they match. I love it when she waddles down to the mailbox with me poking her little belly out just like Mommy.


  1. You look GREAT, Jennifer! I can't believe you're 35 weeks! He will be here so soon! I symapthize with you in this heat. I was pregnant this time last year, so I know how draining it is!

  2. 35 weeks!!! I can't believe you're so close!!!! baby boy will be here before you know it! You look great and I am glad you are still feeling well. Holding Libbi and letting her sit in my lap again (comfortably) have been two of the things that have made me glad not to be pregnant anymore. It definitely gets tricky maneuvering around the belly at the end there.

  3. Oh ... I wish I had more photos from when I was pregnant. What a blessed time. Enjoy. Every. Minute.
    Love & Blessings,

  4. You look great!! I can't beleive he is almost here! Thinking of you in these last several weeks!
    The Fryes


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