Monday, June 27, 2011

"inosaur Spray"

Evie and I had a fun day together. She was a doll and that makes it so much easier. We hung around the house a bit before leaving on our errands. Evie wanted to bring her lion with her to Home Depot. Lion ended up in brother's car seat which makes me a bit nervous for when brother is actually in the car seat. Evie likes to throw toss her toys into his seat as I drive down the road.

   Our umbrella broke so it was time for a new one. Evie chose pink but luckily they were all out of pink so she settled for a blue umbrella. Eating outside requires an umbrella with this heat. We came home and had a few white powdered doughnuts together. Evie loves those things just like me.

    Evie was in a happy, helpful mood so we did a few things upstairs and then she played with her baby. She likes her room really neat before naptime so we had to straighten it a bit. It's so funny to me because she is so specific about where everything needs to be located. Big Baby goes on the shelf, stroller goes in her "garage" and little toys go in the basket inside the closet. Too bad she does feel the need to keep our den so neat and organzied!

I sat in her rocker for about 30 minutes zoning out while she took care of her baby. It was a nice little break for me before lunch. Evie and I both napped. Evie woke up reciting all the things that she loves. "I love beach. I love pool. I love mommy. I love daddy. I love tea." She usually uses the pronoun "I" instead of saying, "Evie love beach." I loved that and will miss her talking in third person. After her cup of tea, we started looking for fall clothes. Evie loves the catalogs that come in the mail and is happy to select all the items that she would like to have in her own closet.

  Our "ant man" as Evie calls him showed up to help us with our bugs. Thank goodness, I decided to get a contract because I have more bugs now than I ever have before or maybe my tolerance is just lower. Carl thinks it may have something to do with our little 2 year old and all of her snacks. Everytime, I see more than one bug in my house then they get a call from me asking them to come take a look. Evie is still concerend about the dinosaurs that seem to be living in our house. We told the"ant man" about this and he was kind enough to spray for "inosaurs" while he was here. He told Evie to let him know if she sees anymore dinosaurs. Let's hope this works because sometimes it can be a bit frustrating to work our routine around the "inosaurs." Those "inosaurs" keep us from doing lots of things!

    It's super hot here but we decided to go outside for a bit. Evie had a great time and was easily cajoled inside with the promise of a Popsicle. We watched a show, painted some pictures and played with play-dough. I gave Evie a little knife to cut her dough with and she kept telling me that she was "knifing" it. Such a silly girl! Evie and I were so happy when Carl got home from work. I have a feeling that I will be even happier when he gets home in a few weeks after caring for two kids all day.


  1. I love that first picture of Evie! We had a bug incident last night too horrible to discuss, but you are the 2nd blog I've read tonight about having the bug man come, so I am feeling better. Avery is in the middle of a love/hate relationship with bees, so maybe there is a spray for that too.

  2. I just love evie's will be so much fun to see what brother is like! Libbi has been obsessed with bugs lately. She inspects every single speck she sees and declares it, "a bug!" and will not move until someone (me) takes care of it. Luckily, 9 out of 10 times it's just been dirt or fuzz :)


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