Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a great weekend although much less busy than usual! Carl and Evie went jogging. Henry and I stayed home to straighten up a little. Laundry seems to multiply at our house. We have so much laundry that I can never keep up. Evie and I played with her dolls. Henry slept most of the day.

Evie and I went to Harris Teeter to pick up our grocery order. It felt so easy to just have one child again. We ate lunch together and then took naps. Carl and Evie played outside and I did a few things inside.

     Courntey and Christian made us a fabulous dinner! It felt like we were in a fancy restaurant. They grilled delicious filets, roasted potatoes with dill, fresh warm bread and chocolate chip bars for dessert! We felt so special and so thankful to have them as our neighbors. It was the best meal that we have had in a LONG time.

    Bedtime comes early these days and wake up times are even earlier! Henry is doing really well sleeping three to four hour stretches. We have had three nights that he only woke up once and some nights that he woke up two or three times. It's all starting to run together. He is still the sweetest baby and it's so fun to see Evie with him. They hold hands during "double diaper changes" and this afternoon he was touching her hair. She liked that a lot!

   We took our first outing as a family of four. Publix was Henry's first venture into the world. He liked it and did great in the store. We were in and out pretty quick since we only needed a few things. Evie and I helped Carl pack for his trip. He left this afternoon for a week long trip. It's training for his new position so it's pretty important to be there. Thank goodness, my mom flew in to help us out! I am not quite ready for solo parenting at this point.

   Evie woke up talking about her Nana and was so happy to see her. She literally ran around in circles for a bit and then settled down for some tent time with her Nana. They played outside for a bit since today was relatively cool compared to what's coming in the next few days.



  1. you look great!!! hope you're feeling good and settling in! :)
    jeffrey travels a lot and my mom still comes and stays with me every single time (sometimes my dad, too!) i'm never up for staying alone - ha!

  2. I have been absent from the blog world for several weeks! What a great way to get back with news of baby Henry! He is adorable ... and you look great! Congrats! Kim


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