Monday, March 5, 2012

Henry is 8 Months!

Dear Henry,

   It's that time again . . . you are 8 months old! You are still just the sweetest baby and are enjoying your new skill . . . crawling. Life is not the same because you are all over the place getting into anything that you can get your chubby little hands on. Dresser drawers are fun for you to open and shut, cabinets get emptied within minutes as you swipe everything within reach and Evie's toys are no longer off-limits. Life has changed but we love it. You are already pulling up some too which makes me really nervous. I had forgotten how busy this stage is but since you are my second baby I know it will be over with before I know it!

You weigh 19 pounds and some change. Table food seems to be plumping you up. You eat everything! Biscuits, waffles, deli meat, blueberries, beans, muffins and carrots. Some of your food ends up on your chest or in your chair but you just keep raking more into your mouth. You still get two jars of baby food a day so that your miralax can be administered easily since you still do not love the bottle. It's a good thing that you take a sippy cup! You will still take a bottle from Miss Karen but not Mommy.

Your sleep had regressed a lot to the point you were up more than when you were a little guy. Mommy kept hoping you'd do better on your own and then I waited for your constipation to improve - it's all better now! So, that meant, it was time for sleep training and it was heart-wrenching for Mommy but you made it. We are all doing so much better now! Sleep makes everything easier. I adjusted your feeding and sleeping times and it's nice to have you on a "real" schedule. You have been napping at 9 and 1 which worked for awhile but now you like to go down a little earlier. It's funny how sleep works because you are going to naps and bed earlier but still sleeping later. Let's keep up the good work, Henry!

You are still perfectly content and happy most of the time. Smiling and laughing all day long. You have developed a bit of "stranger danger" but it's still easy to distract you with a toy or a song. You love music and dancing.

You love to play with your toys. Things that roll are your favorite balls, cars and even the doll stroller. You turn it upside down and turn the wheels over and over. Evie is infatuated with you and adores being your big sister. She is really playing with you and wants you with her all the time. Crawling has given you much more access to Evie and it's so sweet to see you playing with her like a big boy. She gets on the floor and says, "Henry, come to sister." Sometimes you listen but if you do not then Evie takes it quite personally that you are not listening. I was vacuuming the other day which your sister detests and she was convinced that I was going to suck you up. She kept shouting, "Don't vacuum Henry. He our brother. We need him."

Evie is right, we do need you sweet Henry. You have made our family complete and we adore you so much. It's amazing to see you grow and change before our eyes and watch you become acquainted with our great big world.

Henry, we love you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. You are perfect to us and we thank God for you every day.


Mommy and Daddy


  1. henry is your mini me! so precious.
    and i am so glad you included the evie story about the vacuum....that is just too precious!

  2. Sweet Henry is getting so big and handsome! So glad his sleep is adjusting and mommy can finally get some rest!

  3. OMG I love what Evie said to you about vacuuming Henry!!!! That was too funny! I cannot believe he is 8 months old!

  4. I'm glad Henry's sleep has improved! I keep hoping Jessica's sleep will get better on its own too, but it's getting worse! Though with her slow weight gain and my milk supply worries, I can't help but WANT to feed her whenever she wakes up. We'll probably remain sleepless at least until she turns one (and I wean her). :(


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