Friday, March 16, 2012

Week in Review!

Every week, I vow to write this post at the end of every day rather than waiting until Friday afternoon. Maybe, next week will be the week!

Monday: It seems like forever ago! We stayed home. Evie painted and played. Henry fussed and cried. I sorted spring clothes for Evie. At 5:00, I decided that something must be wrong and took him to the pediatrician's walk in clinic. The nurse asked me what I brought us in and I told her that Henry was just fussing a lot and not sleeping so I thought he might have an ear infection. That really seemed to perplex her that his only symptom was crying and not sleeping. Mother intuition was right again and he did have an ear infection. I'm glad that I took him in because sleep training was way too hard to repeat. Carl got home right after us and he held down the fort while I went to pick up the medication. I definitely got the good end of that deal because both kids were tired and fussing at this point. Henry and Evie both went to bed late. We were shocked when Henry slept all night even with an ear infection. Carl and I ate turkey sandwiches and watched TV before going to bed ourselves.

Tuesday: Evie went to school and Henry fell asleep in the car so I decided to run to Franklin. I need to return an outfit that was too big for Henry. Then, we walked around downtown and enjoyed the gorgeous weather! Henry was the perfect companion for window shopping and scones. Sometimes, it's fun to drop all the "have to" things and do the "fun" things. We came home and did a few things around the house before picking up Evie. Henry napped while Evie and I played outside together. It was my Mom's birthday and Evie treated her to a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday by phone. Carl had fun playing lincoln logs with Evie. I am pretty sure that Carl enjoys them more than Evie. Then, Evie and Henry went to bed early and we grilled chicken for dinner. I love this weather!

Wednesday: We went for a long walk with Courtney and Campbell. It was fun to get for a little exercise with our sweet friends. Courtney is like Mary Poppins with her endless bag of tricks. Evie and Campbell snacked the entire walk - yogurt covered strawberries, grapes, apples and Cheez-its. We played outside after the walk and I was just convinced that Evie would take a nice, long nap. Nope! We went to a St. Patrick's Day party and had fun. Evie was a mess by the end between being tired, dropping her cupcake and stepping on a thorn - it was time to come home. Mandy saved the day when she retrieved another cupcake for Evie. Rainbow cupcakes make everything better! We got home just in time because there was a HUGE hail storm. Evie was impressed and Carl decided to record it for posterity.

Thursday: Evie had school and Henry had his sitter. I headed to Nashville to get some fabric samples, spring clothes for Henry and to run by Trader Joe's. It was a successful trip and much easier done solo. I came back to our town to finish my errands before picking up Evie from school. Henry was asleep when we got home so that gave me some time to play with Evie. It was a rainy afternoon and Evie was not thrilled about the thunder. Carl was out of town so it was just me and everything went fine. Everyone is tired by Thursday night so bedtime was appealing to us all.

Friday: We stayed home in our pj's watching the rain come down. Monday's might be painting and projects but Friday it's independent playtime and movies. Henry has not been sleeping well again today so I hope his ears are not getting worse. Most of the afternoon was spent trying to get Henry to sleep and then Evie woke up early. Sarah Denley wrote the best post and it came at the perfect time. Motherhood is certainly a challenge. I look back at my life when it was just Evie and wonder why I thought that was hard. Life was easier with one kid but it a lot richer with two kids. I miss having time to do everything that is on my to-do list. But know, that one day all too soon, there will be plenty of time to cross of my to-do's. Now is the time to fully embrace my chaotic life and just celebrate the little things like getting the dishwasher unloaded or the sheets changed on the beds. Carl will be home soon and then we will walk over to our neighbors for pizza and basketball.


  1. One does seem much easier once there are two, especially when comparing a 2 or 3 year old to a baby! I may be e-mailing soon for some tips to use when I have both of mine alone. You seem to be able to get a ton done. Have a great weekend and enjoy your pizza.

  2. love love love the first picture of evie! i love how you can just see her personality shining through in all of her pictures. she's so fun! and then henry just looks so laid back and along for the ride. precious! so sorry he had an ear infection, but way to go henry still sleeping through the night. maybe he can give laney some tips? :)

  3. Ha! I do the same thing...vow to blog everyday and then before I know it, it's been two weeks! You are doing great just to get a weekly review each Friday...I'm impressed!

  4. Thanks for linking, sweet friend! I loved that last paragraph- life is much harder, but also richer, just as you said!


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