Thursday, March 29, 2012

Date with Daddy!

Carl and Evie went to Daddy and Daughter Date Night at CFA tonight. Evie has been excited all week! Everyday, she added a new element, Daddy had to sit next to her in the restaurant. They had to take his truck. She needed to wear a dress. She chose a blue dress for her Daddy because "he like blue - that his favorite. "

Carl said it was so fun and that it was set up really well. They took orders at the tables and had tableclothes. Daughters were treated to up-do's and make-up.

Ice-cream was served for dessert which always makes Evie happy.

They had a blast! I loved going places with my dad when I was a little girl and think it's important to have time with each child individually. Henry was my date for the night but he mostly slept.


  1. oh how adorable! And she looked so cute for her first date =)

  2. That is the sweetest thing!

    Looks like we have similar children -- a sensitive girl first and an easy-going baby second! Emily would never hold her own bottle/sippy and only learned to drink from a cup (by herself) at 21 months! I'm definitely impressed with Jessica's desire to learn and try new things.

    Henry looks so peaceful! I love pictures of sleeping babies.


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