Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

Evie and Henry hiding under the blanket. Henry is not so sure about this game but Evie thinks it is the best game ever. She would play it all day!

Henry loves dragging things out of the cabinets.

Henry is so proud that he can eat goldfish now too!

Carl saw this on the way home from work on Friday. He was evacuated from his building so he came home early. That sounds great except that he was still working. It's hard to keep two kids quiet and cook dinner so that he can work from the kitchen table without sounding like he is working at the kitchen table!

I almost did not blog because there's not much to say! We spent the weekend playing with our kids and sleep training Henry. He has been waking up 3-4 times most nights and sleep deprivation was not working for any of us. Keep your fingers crossed but so far he is doing much better.

I ran out to the grocery store Saturday morning. Evie did not want to go with me because she wanted to stay home to play with her dolls. I wanted her to go but it was much easier and faster without my little sidekick. Henry woke up approximately two minutes after I left the house. It was a nice, windy day so we headed to the park to fly our kite. Evie wanted to play on the playground and was not so interested in flying her kite. Three year olds need specific instructions about their agenda. Evie heard park and thought swings and slides not kites. We had a pretty rough day and night on Saturday with Henry. It's really kind of a blur which is probably a good thing.

We all felt better this morning even though we were up most of the night. Carl took Henry jogging and Evie stayed home with me. I have not been in the house with Evie by herself in eight months. That just seems crazy since it used to just be the two of us all the time. Evie is on a girl kick and feels the need for me to do everything for her right now. "We girls mommy, we do girl things. Daddy and Henry are boys. They do boy things." I told her good night and she said, "But we girls Mommy." Of course, she was just fine within a few minutes, that girl can have every emotion under the sun within a fifteen minute window.

Henry went to bed super early tonight so we had a picnic just the three of us in the den. Evie loved all the attention being on her although she is crazy about Henry.


  1. Ug! Sorry you are having to sleep train :( I don't miss that at all! I know its sooo hard, but it will be so worth it once it's over.

  2. I hate sleep training, but everyone is always so much happier after it's done. I hope Henry catches on quickly and you get some good rest!


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