Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a great weekend. Evie and I had a fun date except for the our short visit to Stride Rite. Why in the world did I take her there on a Saturday morning? I thought it'd be easier than taking her and Henry so we went while I just had Evie. I am pretty sure that Evie touched every shoe in the store and requested every shoe in the store. We had her foot measured and hit the road. I will order her shoes from Stride Rite this week while they are having a sale.

Campbell's party was so much fun! Evie had a blast and I even had a chance to chat with some other moms which was an added bonus. Evie obviosly enjoyed the cupcakes. I was just sure that she'd take a good nap after our busy morning but she decided to skip her nap to play outside. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed soaking up the sun with Evie and her boys.

Carl grilled burgers for us. They were delicious. We put the kids to bed early and went to bed ourselves. Henry is still sleeping so much better.  He woke up a little early this morning about 6:30 but he did sleep all night. I'll take early mornings over late nights any day of the week. Carl was sweet enough to let me sleep in and Evie slept late too. Henry is still coughing a bit so we opted out of the church nursery.

Carl and Henry went for a jog and Evie stayed home with me. Henry and Evie went down for their naps and I went out to run a few errands. I stopped by a Stella and Dot party and bought a cute necklace. Can't wait to get it this week. Evie greeted me upon my return with "I have been looking for you all day." I love my wild girl so much!

Henry and I went on a walk to the park while Evie stayed with Carl. It sure is a good thing that Henry likes the stroller because he spends a lot of time in it. We all played outside and then came in for an early dinner. Henry went right to sleep. Evie is still chatting. Time changes always mess me up for a few days but it's way easier in the spring than the fall. It's so wonderful to have more light in the evenings. Can't wait for spring to get here!


  1. I love that you guys do some much one-on-one time with each child. We need to better with that over at my house.

  2. i'm with you...we're ordering from stride rite this week! did you get the buy one get one 50% off coupon?
    and i love all your evie stories - "i've been looking for you all day!" hahaha! she cracks me up. one day we'll have to get our girls together :)


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