Friday, March 23, 2012

Week in Review!

We had a really good week! Carl was out of town and I had been dreading a week on duty without any help. It turned out to be such a fun week with my kids.

Monday: That was the day of the snake! We played outside a lot and had a picnic lunch. Henry skipped his naps all day. AHHH! It was the hardest day of the week since he was not sleeping well at all. Evie has been asking me to take her to Monkey Joe's for a long time so I decided that would be the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Evie had a blast until she decided that she "needed" a snack and I did not agree with her. Oh well, there are always a few tears at places like that for my sweet girl. She held it together and decided that a Ritz cracker would suffice for her afternoon snack.

Tuesday: Evie had school and Henry hung out with me after his nap. We went to the library and to Harris Teeter. Everyone knows Henry in our local Harris Teeter and Miss Doris always brings  him a balloon. I am a loyal Harris Teeter shopper so it makes me feel special that they take such an interest in my children. We picked up Evie from school and ate Popsicles outside before heading to Chick Fil A for dinner with The Porter's. Family Night is always crazy but it's fun for the kids. It was so good for me to spend some time with my sweet friend, Kristin, and have some adult interaction.  Evie was "sharing" her balloon animal with Henry on the way home even though I asked her not to share since it would pop. Of course it popped and then she was so upset that her balloon was popped. I pulled over to retrieve the balloon pieces from Henry before he choked. Evie wanted to call her Daddy to tell him about the balloon and she is still talking about her popped giraffe three days later.

Wednesday: Evie spent the morning playing with some pink yarn. Our house had pink yarn everywhere but she sure had fun creating mazes and practicing her "scissoring."We had our Wednesday Wildcats play date at Sarah's house and it was really fun! It was another gorgeous day and she has tons of outdoor toys for the kids. Evie tried roller skating and now she wants the Easter Bunny to bring her some skates. She has decided that the Easter Bunny should bring her anything that her little heart desires. Too bad, the Easter Bunny is not planning to bring roller skates. We went to the park after nap so that Evie could wear her new pink shoes. She literally showed them to every single person that we encountered - "look at my pink shoes. Do you like them?" Evie was crushed that no one even commented on her shoes and kept telling me those people were not listening.  

Thursday: Evie had school and Henry stayed home with his sitter. I had a hair appointment and ran a few errands. That time sure goes by fast! Evie was in the best mood after school. Henry went down for his nap and I watched a movie with Evie. Then, we headed out to the grocery store to kill some time since Carl was still gone. I had planned to go to the bank too but forgot to take the check with me. I am that frazzled Mommy! Carl had some weather delays getting back and did not make it home until 11 which gave me some time to straighten up the house. I totally let it go when he is gone so it's a mad dash to get everything back in place before he gets home. It's always nice to come home to a clean house.

Friday: I am usually exhausted by Friday but this was our best day of the week. Henry took a great nap and then we went to make sure his ears were better. Evie was so easy and pleasant in the doctors office so we headed out for cupcakes because I wanted something sweet. They had three different pink cupcakes and Evie chose the one with the crown. We came home for lunch and then Henry went back to sleep. Evie and I went outside for a dessert picnic and played outside for a bit. I put her down for a nap but she was not tired since she slept until 8:30 this morning. She had some quiet time and then we headed out to a new park after nap. We decided to go see the baby chicks while we were in the neighborhood. They are so cute and cuddly! Evie remembered that we went there with Ipop and I am pretty sure that was two years ago. Memory is such an amazing thing. I'd love to learn more about how it works and why we cannot remember things later in life that are such vivid memories as children. Evie played in the sandbox and ran around for the longest time. Henry just hung out in his stroller drinking his water and checking out his foot. We got home in time for an early dinner and then Evie was so excited to see Carl. She would make a spectacular member of the Welcoming Committee at church or in the neighborhood. We all went outside for a bit before bedtime. Now, it's time for a late dinner for us and then I am off to bed too after our busy day!

Happy Friday y'all!

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  1. I do the same thing before my hubby gets around like a madwoman trying to get things neat again! So glad ya'll had a good week, it's not easy having daddy gone! You go girl, sounds like you did fabulous!


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