Friday, March 2, 2012

Week in Review!

Monday: I cannot believe it but Mondays are always my favorite day of the week. That's such a switch from when I taught school. Although even then Monday was my most productive day of the week before exhaustion set in towards the end of the week. There's just something about a fresh start that makes me a better wife and mother every Monday. Too bad that cannot last all week! Henry was out of sorts all day and barely napped at all. Evie and I kept busy playing animal hospital and making art in the salad spinner. It was so fun to see her so excited about something that did not even make a mess.

Tuesday: Our day started before 7 AM when the roofers knocked on the door ready to begin working. Evie was not thrilled at all to wake up to the sounds of people traipsing on the roof.  Then, she was perturbed that our roof was going to be boring old black, charcoal if you want to get specific, instead of the cheerful pink roof that she had envisioned for our house. It was so loud inside and a little scary as roofing materials streamed past our windows. Evie had school and Henry had his follow up at the GI.Our appointment went well. Henry must have been paying attention because he was supposed to go in for some further testing but he decided to start going to the bathroom on his own. Solid food and crawling have helped a lot along with a generous amount of miralax. We had time for a few quick errands including Henry's first time in the buggy after the appointment before it was time to pick up Evie. Our roof was really coming along by this point but it was still extremely loud in the house. Henry slept right through it. Carl got home in time for a quick family walk and Frisbee fun at the park. Evie was not happy at all to leave the park but it was getting dark as bedtime approached. Evie continues to be just exhausted after school. She requires a nap and does not function well without it. I literally have to pull every trick out of my hat to keep her ( and myself) calm and content after school.

Wednesday: Our poor bush did not survive during the roof work. We had a lazy morning at home before heading over to see Campbell and Courtney. It's been awhile since the kids had played because all four kids have been sick with colds and ear infections. We had a fun morning. Evie discovered that sharing is really great when someone has something that you really want. She thought it'd be a great idea for Campbell to share his M&M's with her since she had already eaten the ones in her bag of trail mix. Sharing is a challenging concept because somethings are just not good for sharing. We spent the entire day waiting for the appliance delivery truck to come pick up our old oven. I had MNO which was just what I needed. Carl took over with the kids and assured me that he would get some stuff done around the house. Evie and Henry gave Carl a run for his money. Evie kept screaming that she needed me and that it was an emergency. Henry did not want to sleep at all! I think Carl had a really good concept of why our house is literally in shambles at the end of every day. It's hard to get anything done especially since Henry is crawling. That crawling is a total game changer and has thrown us all for a loop. Evie is so excited that he can crawl but gets annoyed that Henry finds her stuff so fascinating. I had such a fun time out with my friends. It was my first night out since November. We went to Burger Up, a hip restaurant that uses local beef, cheese, chocolate, beer etc. as an integral part of their menu. My burger, the Woodstock, was delicious! We all split two desserts that were spectacular. One was a Krispy Kreme bread pudding with raspberry sauce. It was good but the Oliver and Sinclair chocolate brownie was really special. Evie was passed out when I got home. Henry was snuggling with Carl and Carl was pretty happy to see me. Henry fell asleep but Carl was worried because he was stuck in the corner of the crib. Carl went to check to make sure that Henry was okay and sweet little Henry popped right up and started crying again. He was fine as long as Carl held him. Parenting is hard but it gave me a whole new perspective to get out for a bit with other moms experiencing the same daily joys and struggles as my family. It's good for Carl to have the chance to experience being the parent at home and good for our kids to see that Daddy can take care of them too.

Thursday: The guys showed up bright and early to haul our old oven away. Not sure, why it involved six phone calls before this happened but it's nice to have that spot empty in the garage again. Evie had school and Henry had his sitter. I had a few really fun errands to run including an oil change and renewing my license plate, It's much easier to complete those types of tasks without my children. I rounded out my morning with lunch with Courtney at Stoveworks. It was so nice to finish our Chicken Salad and conversation without interruption. It was a gorgeous day so we spent the afternoon playing outside with our wild kiddos. Carl spent the night in Chattanooga so I took my kids to Chick fil A for dinner. It was my first time seeing a blogger out in public. It took me a minute to recognize her until I noticed her gorgeous daughter. They were such a sweet family and I wish that I had stopped to say hello to them. Evie was itching to play and feels that I need to be right with her. It's not enough for me to watch her through the window, she needs me on the bench inside the play area in order to feel comfortable. We traded in our book for an ice-cream cone on the way out and headed home for bath time. Bedtime was a breeze after our busy day.

Friday: We just hung out at home all day waiting for the storm that caused school to close early. Blue skies are not too convincing that a storm is on the way but weather changes quickly in Tennessee. All three of us took a nap, Evie and Henry were both up last night for various reasons. Evie is easy to get back to sleep. Henry requires a little work. I love having a baby but will be so grateful when I get more than a few hours of sleep at a time. Henry is hanging out with me having a snack and Evie is still sleeping. We are ready for Carl to get home and enjoy our first March weekend together.


  1. What a fun week. I'm so glad Henry is doing better. Miralax has worked wonders in this house as well. Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm with you on looking forward to getting more than a few hours of sleep at a time! It's hard to believe that that day will eventually come :).


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