Monday, March 19, 2012

Slithering Snake Sighting!

We were at the park this morning enjoying the gorgeous day and noticed an extremely large snake slither across the path right where we were walking. It was literally the largest snake that I have ever seen outside an exhibit at a zoo or a museum. Evie was not thrilled but she kept it together while reminding me that she saw a snake last year too. She then went on to tell me that "we eat popcorn, not snakes. Snakes eat birds but they try to flap away so then they eat grass instead but that's not too tasty." My Evie comes by it honestly but she never stops talking. She was still talking about that snake at bedtime, "That snake was gross, Mama. Where did it go? I not like snakes. They not my favorite. I like dogs. They more useful." See, what I mean about the talking.


  1. Impressed with your composure, and Evie's too! I don't know that I would have been that brave to just keep it together!

  2. Evie is hysterical! I love all her comments - too funny!

  3. So cute! (Evie...not the snake!) ha!!


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