Friday, March 30, 2012

Week in Review!

I am so glad this week is over! It has been such a busy week, way too busy for me now that I have two kiddos. Between meals for moms, Carl being gone two nights, teacher appreciation week to prepare for and hosting a playdate; that's not even mentioning chasing after Henry who seems way more adventurous than Evie did at this age!  I am looking forward to next week with only one thing on the calendar and then a trip to my parents house for Easter.

Monday: This was the day of the cake and we had a nice morning visiting with friends. Evie enjoyed playing with her friends. I put the kids down for a nap and made dinner for a new family in our MOMS group. Fiesta Chicken is an easy favorite that everyone seems to enjoy plus I made some rolo bars that were really tasty. After we dropped off dinner, it was time for some playtime at Granny White Park. Evie made a friend and Henry enjoyed being outside with the big kids. Carl drove to Indiana and back which was over 600 miles in one day. It was so good to have him back home.

Tuesday: Evie had school and I spent the morning trying to get Henry to sleep. Our neighbors are putting in a pool and it was an extremely loud morning of construction. We met Courtney for lunch at Seaside Grill. One of the moms in our club just opened Seaside with her husband. Courtney and I both had delicious Po Boy's. I was a bit apprehensive about taking Henry in the restaurant without a good nap but he did great. French-fries and crackers kept him happy along with all the friendly waitstaff that gave him tons of attention. We picked up Evie and then played outside.

Wednesday: We went to Nashville to see the bunnies and dropped off dinner at a family from our church's house. They just had a baby boy a few weeks ago and he was so tiny. I miss Henry being that small but I would not want to go through those crazy days again. We took a walk after naps and then Carl got home to mow the grass. He had dinner with a customer but it was good to see him for a bit before we had to leave again.

Thursday: Evie had school and Henry went with me to a lunch for moms from the preschool. It was a Mexican themed lunch and I made a Mexican Spinach dip that was really easy and good. Henry is growing more teeth so we left a little early so he could sleep a little before picking up Evie. Evie and Carl had their Daddy date at Chick Fil A and I enjoyed being in a quiet house.

Friday: We went to the park for a cookie decorating class. It was amazing how good the kids were at using the icing bags and of course Evie thought the pink was the best frosting. I learned how to decorate cookies with fondant. I love this little dinosaur and it was so easy to make. Darla told us that fondant cookies are expensive in bakeries because of the cost of the fondant not the time it takes to make them. I cannot wait to try this at home in my spare time. Everyone napped after our busy morning and then we straightened up the house a bit. Carl's parents will be here shortly to spend the weekend with us. Evie is very excited to see She She and Poppy.

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  1. It was great to see you guys on Friday! I feel like I am constantly chasing though and never get time to talk!


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