Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who's the Boss?

I ask this question so many times a day! Evie knows the correct answer but she sure does not always act accordingly. She has an opinion on every single thing from the color of her socks to the the amount of milk in her cereal bowl. I am so proud to be raising such a confident and assertive daughter but wish that she could tone it down just a bit. Most of my day is spent reminding her and redirecting her from thinking that she is the boss!

Evie has excellent intuition and is quick to change the direction of her conversation just in time. I ask her to do something and she usually has to tell me something first. Now, I just say, "it's yes or no." So, now she likes to say, "yes or no, Mommy. Yes or No?" It can be horrifying to hear her mimic me so well with her intonation and her expression. YIKES! Motherhood is serious business.

Here are a few examples of my sweet and sassy little one.

Mommy: Evie, please put on your shoes.

Evie: Um, maybe tomorrow not right now. I busy - that's my job.


Mommy: Evie, brush your teeth before bed.

Evie: Shhh, my baby is sleeping. I'll do that next year.


Mommy: Evie, you need to listen right now!

Evie: Mommy, you need a hug. I give you two hugs that make you feel it better.

My personal favorite but I do try not to laugh!

Mommy:  Evie (said in my exasperated voice)

Evie: Claire (said in her most cheerful voice)

It makes me feel better that it's not just me that she tries to boss. Carl and Henry are targets too.

Evie: Brother, it's time to talk to me. I said talk. Do you know any words?

Henry: just stares blankly at her


Evie: Brother, you need to put your listening ears on. You are NOT listening to me. I said, you stay there.

Evie directs Carl with constant instructions too:

Daddy put me on your head. Daddy, two books, not that book - this book. Pink cup, not the blue cup. That's not my favorite.

Evie is quickly learning that she does not rule the roost! Sometimes, she is pretty cute but it will not be cute later. That, makes now the time to nip this behavior in the bud. That's why, I have a large, growing stack of discipline books next to my bed, my most frequent Google search is taming my tornado toddler and I am constantly chatting with other moms about their best tactics. Evie, is a doll and her behavior is well within the range of normal for a three-year old. Our expectations are high because parenting is our most important job.


  1. I LOVE her asking Henry if he knows any words!!! OMG I am still laughing!! So cute!

  2. I love this! And you're not alone. Avery's response to many of our commands and requests is "No, I fine." Please pass along any good books you find.

  3. What an adorable post! Eliza says most of the same things and it is exhausting! I remember Sarah Cameron saying them too and she didn't turn into the demanding, sassy child I was afraid of. Hang in there and keep writing down those sayings. I love looking back at Sarah Cameron's.


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