Thursday, September 13, 2012

According to Evie

Evie is a mess these days and says the wildest things. She keeps us on our toes in more ways than one. Here are a few of her latest:

Evie usually wakes up in time to get the paper with Carl and they eat breakfast together before he leaves for work. One day, she slept really late and was quite upset that Carl had left without telling her bye. I could tell she did not really know what to say to express her frustration. Finally she said, " Well, did he eat breakfast first?"

We saw four deer frolicking in our backyard one morning while Evie was still sleeping. I told Evie about the deer when she woke up and she asked if the deer had been playing on her park. She was very concerned about these deer having too much fun on her monkey bars.

I put out an orange decorative plate that is shaped like a leaf on the coffee table. Henry finds it so fascinating and tries to pick it up all the time. Evie comes running in the kitchen with the plate yelling, "Mama, put that plate up. Henry is going to break it into a itty-bitty pieces. I already told you told that!"

Evie loves the song "Ba Ba Black Sheep" and sings it all the time. I have been working with her on not using qualifiers before people such as mean girl or old man. She reprimanded me for calling the sheep black by telling me "You are not supposed to do that. It's just sheep, Mama. Not black sheep."

Evie requests a sister about every two seconds. She has it all planned out and has decided that her baby sister could sleep in the hallway. Evie has even taken the liberty to select a Halloween costume for her baby sister. I reminded her that we do not have a baby girl in our family and that Henry is our baby boy. Evie looks at me as if I am totally nuts while saying "Then, let's get a baby girl, Mama."

We were talking about families and how I used to be a little girl with parents too. Evie finds this fascinating that Ipop and Nana are my parents and wanted to know if she was in my belly when I was sitting at the dinner table with my parents when I was a little girl. That one caught me off guard so I just crossed my fingers that'd she move on to another topic. No such luck as Evie jubilantly announces from the back seat - "I never saw a little girl with a baby in her belly. That's silly. Did the baby have shoes on in your belly while it kicked?"


  1. Funny funny! Amazing what goes on in those little minds and what comes out of those little mouths. Precious pictures as well!

  2. It cracks me up that she said "then let's get a baby girl, Mama!" If only it were that simple. I love the things kids say.

    1. She is precious!!! Thanks for the tip on the link. I updated it on the site, but here it is: Make sure to select part 5 on the bottom left side of the screen under the video player. Enjoy!!

  3. i love how their little minds work! it's so much fun to hear them thinking aloud! ;-)
    (love evie's shirt, too!!)

  4. She's adorable! You should totally "get" Evie a little sister ;) Three really isn't much more work than two! haha!


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